Archimedes 2020 Medical Device Security 101 Conference


Protecting Medical Devices and Sensitive Patient Data

Security in the healthcare industry is in a higher state of risk than almost any other industry. Medical Devices and associated systems are especially vulnerable. Recent attacks on healthcare and multiple new vulnerabilities discovered highlight the need to make meaningful improvements.

Electronic Medical Devices (EMD) ­are the computerized instruments and apparatuses that come into direct contact with patients are and used to diagnose and/or treat. The proliferation of these devices across the entire healthcare industry has provided extra convenience for both organizations and patients alike. New applications have facilitated the collection, sharing and analysis of patient data, with the goal of more coherent, comprehensive care. In 2015, the United States medical device market was valued above $140 billion, which accounted for nearly 45% of the global market.

The value of how these connected devices are helping to better manage our healthcare is in many cases priceless. The caveat to all this, however, is that the attack surface for cyber thieves has never been wider, calling for organizations across the healthcare ecosystem to take a closer look at the deployment and management of them to ensure they are mitigating the risk of a breach.

See our White Paper “Medical Device Encryption & Security” for more information.

For more than twenty years, NetLib Security has been a leader and pioneer in data security. We recognize the importance of managing and defending your personal health information (PHI) and electronic health records (EHR) in order to maintain business stability, reputation and compliance.

Our patented, high performance data security platform, Encryptionizer, is easy-to-use and deploy, transparently encrypts your data across physical, virtual and cloud environments while maintaining business stability with virtually no impact on performance. It supports the AS provisions of HIPAA Omnibus by encrypting PHI and EHR. Encryptionizer has become an increasingly integral component for companies executing HIPAA Omnibus and HITECH compliance strategies.

At NetLib Security, we understand cybersecurity threats cannot be completely eliminated; however, working with hospitals, providers, healthcare organizations, and device manufacturers, we provide you with the tools to protect, manage and defend against them.