Encryption Under Siege?

As so often happens, tragedy leads to the five stages of grief, and it’s a natural element of the ‘anger’ phase to find a scapegoat for all those seething emotions.  Especially now, since those responsible for last week’s Paris attacks, the fecal stains of humanity, have reportedly been given the quick deaths that were far… Read More

Financial Industry Under Stricter Scrutiny

It doesn’t feel so long ago that more and more people were beginning to recognize the unprecedented growth of cybercrime and data breaches, reflected in the increasing number of outlets (present company included) forewarning about the progressive frequency of data breaches.  How stories like Target’s and Michaels’, and even smaller businesses, were becoming the norm. … Read More

Tis the season to protect your shopping list

Now that Halloween is over, consumers can safely turn their attention to Christmas without fear of social ostracism (Christmas commercials in October, ugh).  Instead, they can freely prepare for the mad rush of holiday shopping next month, where consumers will be out in droves.  Which means, a deluge of personal data for retailers, both physical… Read More

CISA – a threat to your privacy and liberty?

Has your email ever been hacked?  Probably.  I’ve had a couple of accounts compromised before and used to send out spam to my contact list (which can make it awkward when a relative thinks you’re suddenly saying hi out of the blue, and the relief they must feel when they realize it was a mistake… Read More

How hackers profit from data breaches

It’s a truth about those of us who cover the endless stream of data breaches that the reporting largely tends to skew to one side.  Namely, with a focus on the effect on the breached organization: how many records were accessed, what types of data, how much in damages the incident will cost the company,… Read More

Decrypting a Credit Breach

Wednesday was the one and only Back to the Future Day.  And though the trilogy that as of yesterday is set entirely in the past made some accurate predictions about the world we live in today, specifically the second film, it didn’t get everything right.  The Internet, for one; not simply the servers and the cables,… Read More

Data Security Update – Cyber Insurance

Insurance commercials proliferate the TV landscape these days.  You can’t go five channels without tripping over a gecko, a general, or a JK Simmons.  Sometimes an ad will mention other insurance companies making premiums skyrocket after one accident, and claim that they don’t treat their customers that way. Well, cyber insurance brokers sure have no… Read More

Yes, @snowden, we can hear you now

I attended New York Comic Con this past weekend, making the annual nerd pilgrimage to the Javits Center, and, like everybody else there, costumed and plainclothes’d alike, I was taking pictures with my phone.  Having seen Edward Snowden’s interview with theBBC last week, however, I couldn’t help but wonder about which of the hundreds of thousands… Read More

You know you’ve made it when you get your own month

Happy Cybersecurity Awareness Month!  Yes, October is host to a number of awarenesses, including cybersec (which makes it timely for Ed Snowden to join Twitter), and this year, some, like the folks at Experian and T-Mobile, might find this awareness to be quite relevant to their interests.  A new data breach, announced last week, hit… Read More

Data Security Update – Chip Cards

Today’s the day!  *leaps out of bed* *runs to calendar* *trips and bangs knee* *hobbles to calendar* *circled by hearts and smiley faces, October 1: CHIP DAY* Oh, boy!  It’s finally here.  The day when credit card companies across the U.S. must start rolling out new cards embedded with microchips designed to prevent fraud, meant… Read More