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Encryption for Distributed Applications and Devices

Application and device security is a growing concern for businesses across the board. More traditionally non-tech companies fashion themselves, on top of their normal operations, as software developers these days, and even those who aren’t rely on applications interacting with their business critical data. Protecting the data in your distributed applications and devices as well as that of your customers data is of the utmost importance.

In summary, you have a security problem:

  • Your company’s application or device contains valuable Intellectual Property that must be protected
  • Your customers’ data must be secured due to compliance and privacy requirements.

Adding to your security problem, you have these challenges:

  • Your application and customers’ data is (or will be!) installed on hundreds or thousands of machines or devices.
  • Most installations will be performed by your customer, end-user, or field service engineer (FSE).

You know that encryption can solve your problems, you have no expertise to roll-your-own encryption solution – and you need to get this done YESTERDAY.

This is where Encryptionizer’s Developer solution can help. Encryptionizer allows you to layer encryption protection over your application and its sensitive data, protecting the information on disk at all times – with no changes to your application code. Encryptionizer can be deployed easily and quickly using a simple script based installer.

Using the Encryptionizer Distribution installer, you make a few changes to our template scripts and you are ready to roll. The below snippets give you an idea of how simple it can be (your changes to the script are shown here blue)

Just indicate the Encryption key you want to use:

The data files you want encrypted:

And the SQL Service or other application that can access those encrypted databases:

Include our installer executable and the scripts in your roll-out package, and you now have solved your security problem!

The Distribution installer comes with full documentation with syntax and sample templates. There are many additional options available for the scripting to customize to your needs.

Request an evaluation today to see how Encryptionizer can help protect your application.

Here are some case studies from two of our customers who use Encryptionizer to protect their products:

C Sharp Sports: It’s gotta be the shoes! Or is it? The gold is in the data.

Mimics Financial Software: NetLib Security Encryptionizer Helps MIMICS gain competitive advantage in the Financial Sector

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