Customer Spotlight: Newport Credentialing Solutions

Scott Friesen, CEO of Newport Credentialing Solutions, is proud of the exponential growth that his company has experienced since it was founded in 2009.

Newport Credentialing Solutions is a technology and services company which provides decision support software and back office services for physicians and allied health providers in the medical credentialing and provider enrollment industry.  Using cloud-based technology, Newport works with physicians and healthcare senior leadership teams to identify and manage un-tapped revenue. Newport Credentialing Solution’s patent-pending solution is an unrivaled product in today’s marketplace.

Newport Credentialing Solution’s cloud based tools, The CAREreport, provides users with an institution wide understanding of how their credentialing departments are performing, links un-tapped revenue opportunities to the department’s performance, and establishes key benchmarks that departments can use to track and trend performance.

Friesen commented: “Prior to our entrance in the market, credentialing was never viewed as an integral part of the revenue cycle. We sought to change that view. Our combined cloud based software and back office services places credentialing squarely in the middle of the revenue cycle by enabling our clients to identify operational and financial breakdowns and implement rapid corrective actions. The end result is increased revenue and operational efficiency.” Friesen continued, “The goal of healthcare, as we see it, is to improve clinical outcomes through the collection, encryption, and use of critical clinical, operational and financial data. Our goal is to lead the market through our innovative software and service offerings.”

Newport Credentialing can be contacted through or at 516-593-1380.