NetLib Security’s Encryptionizer Platform (NEP) for Servers and Web Servers

Securing sensitive data is the #1 business issue today. While corporations often focus on server level encryption, web servers are also just as vulnerable if not more so since they are public-facing. NetLib Security’s Encryptionizer Platform (NEP) can protect all your stored server data. NEP is a cost-effective, flexible solution that is easy to use and deploy to meet your most critical data protection and compliance needs.

Server Data Protection

NetLib Security’s Encryptionizer Platform (NEP) is so flexible that it can be utilized to protect the data contents of any Windows-based Database Management System – such as Oracle, DB2, PostGreSQL, etc.

Additionally, NetLib Security  has tailored data protection solutions for each of the following Database Management Systems:

NEP for Servers can also be used to also protect other server based applications, such as FTP servers or specialized backup software. For instance, with NetLib Security’s Encryptionizer Platform your can ensure that all data that comes in via FTP is encrypted and stays encrypted upon receipt, no matter the folder destination.

Here’s how it works!

Whole Database Encryption

Whole Database Encryption is delivered using NetLib Security‘s leading data protection solution: Encryptionizer. It provides an additional layer of security on top of your DBMS security mechanisms, in case perimeter defenses are breached. It secures data on servers as well as on backup media. Encryptionizer secures distributed databases all the way down to the workstation or laptop in physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures.  Transparent database encryption has one simple purpose: to make databases and backups unusable if they are stolen, copied,  or otherwise compromised.

It provides transparent, on-the-fly encryption for an entire database. Data is never decrypted on disk, only in memory as requested by Database Management Server. In addition, data is automatically encrypted when written back to disk. And all of this happens without requiring changes to existing applications that connect to Database Server. If you have encrypted backups, no one will be able to restore the encrypted backups anywhere else.

Encryptionizer with TDE is transparent, easy to use, maintenance- free, requires no user intervention, developer friendly and can usually be deployed in a couple of hours. There are programming APIs available for encrypting/decrypting data-bases and non- database files. These are useful if you are planning to distribute encrypted databases, files, or other digital content to workstations, laptops, or other servers (e.g., connected by LAN, over the internet, or via CD).

File/Folder Encryption

The Advanced Version of NEP allows you to automatically encrypt any files copied to or created in designated folders and subfolders, even on a remote drive. This feature is useful for data that may be imported or exported to your protected SQL Server, keeping all data encrypted at all times.  As an example, you might have an FTP server which receives data into a folder.  Encryptionizer can automatically encrypt all received data in that folder until it is ready to be imported into SQL.

Web Server Data Protection

Web Servers (e.g., IIS) can be vulnerable to attack. You need to be able to protect not only your website code, but also any documents, images and other objects that the website serves to its users.

NetLib Security’s Encryptionizer solution allows you to seamlessly and transparently encrypt all your existing and newly generated website objects (including but not limited to ASP, ASPX, HTML, PDF, DOC, JPG, PNG, WMV, MPG, and AVI) without impacting the user experience.

Our Encryptionizer solution is easy to use, maintenance-free, and developer friendly. It requires no user intervention, and can be deployed in just a few clicks.

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