SQL Server Data Encryption Solution

NetLib Security Encryptionizer for SQL Server

If you’re looking to secure sensitive data or meet compliance standards (HIPAA Omnibus, PCI, FIPS 140-2, GDPR and more) on SQL Server, NetLib Security’s SQL Server Encryption solution, Encryptionizer could be a good fit for you. While easily integrating with virtually no impact on performance, NetLib Security’s Encryptionizer provides that additional layer of security on top of existing Windows and SQL Server security in just a few clicks.

This ensures that your data and media are backed up and protected in case perimeter defenses are breached. Encryptionizer is a cost-effective alternative to SQL Server’s built-in TDE without the need for additional upgrades or maintenance. It deploys quickly, and has a Simple Point and click interface. No programming required. No changes to applications, schemas, queries, etc.

NetLib Security’s Encryptionizer is well suited to transparently encrypt your SQL Server Platform. Encryptionizer supports all versions from SQL Server 2000 and later, as well as all editions from SQL Express to SQL Server Enterprise.

If you have an environment that includes MySQL, PostgreSQL and other database and file systems, Encryptionizer can be your common solution for your varied environment

SQL Server Data EncryptionEncryptionizer Capabilities for SQL Server Encryption:

    Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) For SQL Server

    • Supports all versions from SQL Server 2000 and later.
    • Supports all editions of SQL Server, Express to Enterprise (including LocalDB).
    • Deploys quickly and easily with point-and-click GUIs. No programming or ongoing administration required.
    • Protect all your intellectual property while making them seamlessly accessible through your application or website, including:
      • SQL databases
      • System databases (Master, TempDB, etc.)
      • Backups
      • FileStream
      • Unstructured files (PDFs, Documents, image and media files, Access databases, etc.)
    • Deploys quickly. Maintenance-free. No ongoing administration.
    • No programming required. No changes to applications, schemas, queries, etc.
    • Fast – less than 1% performance impact on a properly sized server.
    • Encrypt FileStream files.
    • Optional Enterprise Manager for deployment on multiple servers from one location.
    • Powerful API set available.
      • They allow a greater level of flexibility and “granularity” than whole database encryption. There are various APIs for encrypting and decrypting files.
    • Developer friendly: easy to bundle into existing SQL-based applications with no reprogramming.

    To learn more about how Encryptionizer’s Transparent Encryption works click here.

    Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) For SQL Express

    NetLib Security transparently encrypts SQL Express data on servers, legacy systems, devices and distributed applications (including LocalDB). Our unique encryption solutions are a cost effective, easy way to proactively and transparently protect your data. Encryptionizer is our powerful platform that encrypts stored data right out of the box. It can also secure any desktop or server database on the Windows platform, such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft Access, and others, while directly assisting with compliance requirements.

    For special pricing for SQL Express TDE encryption – Click Here

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    Optional Encryption Security Features

    Transparent Column Encryption (Col-E)

    Column encryption (Col-E), as an optional add-on to your license, can be deployed in combination with (or depending on your requirements, instead of) transparent database encryption. Encryptionizer with Col-E protects specific columns from users/groups who normally need access to the underlying table. Col-E Manager utilizes a point-and-click interface that allows you to quickly set up column encryption that in most cases can be transparent to existing applications. The Col-E Manager allows you to encrypt a column and specify the groups of users that are allowed to view the encrypted data through the use of database roles.

    File/Folder Encryption

    The Advanced Version of NEP allows you to automatically encrypt any files copied to or created in designated folders and subfolders, even on a remote drive. This feature is useful for data that may be imported or exported to your protected SQL Server, keeping all data encrypted at all times. As an example, you might have an FTP server which receives data into a folder. Encryptionizer can automatically encrypt all received data in that folder until it is ready to be imported into SQL.

    Centralized Key Management

    NetLib Security has redefined global data security management with its new cost effective platform: Encryptionizer Key Manager (EKM). Encryptionizer Key Manager takes Encryptionizer to the next level, allowing you to easily administer from one central location while providing powerful centralized key management. An innovative, easy to deploy security solution to protect, manage and defend your data while enabling the growing areas of compliance, EKM enables organizations of all sizes to configure and control their encryption needs across the enterprise – no matter where they reside geographically across physical, virtual or cloud environments. The administrator will be able to easily control key management to meet the privacy and other compliance standards.

    Encryptionizer can help you protect your data and achieve your business goals. Contact us today to find the NetLib Security Encryptionizer product that’s best for you. For more information, complete the form below.  Or request a free fully functional evaluation today!

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