Simple tips for identifying phishing emails

How can you help in the fight against phishing schemes?  The most simplistic answer is, don’t click on fraudulent emails.  But distinguishing between phishing and genuine emails is not always so clear-cut.  A few simple tips can help tilt the fight in your favor. Personally, the first and main thing I do is to see… Read More

Protecting essential services from cybercrime

Are you finding that you’re cooking more—or at all—thanks to extended quarantine?  Boy do I miss restaurants.  Maybe you do, too.  Maybe you’re even ordering takeout or meal kits to cook up yourself.  In which case, you might be susceptible to a data breach.  Kroger’s Home Chef Services, one of the more popular delivery services,… Read More

Phishing schemes cast a wide net during a crisis

The Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA) has released a survey of IT professionals that spotlights the growing importance of identities, and the vulnerabilities they create in the workplace.  Basically, what this means is an expansion of connected devices, user accounts, and therefore greater likelihood that hackers will compromise any number of these accounts. According to… Read More

Group efforts are required to secure data

A number of sites have recently experienced data breaches, and now the stolen information is up for grabs on the dark web.  ShinyHunters, the hacking group reportedly responsible for these multiple cases, is offering over 73 million records from sources like the dating app Zoosk, the Star Tribune, several South Korean fashion and furniture sites,… Read More

Beginners Guide – Securing Legacy Devices

All hospitals and medical facilities have devices that store patient data. On August 21, 1996, the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was signed into law, and by that time, millions of devices were installed and active. It was not until twenty years after HIPPA came to be that manufacturers began to address data vulnerabilities in their medical devices…. Read More

Data sharing, collection, and personal privacy concerns

The security risks created by COVID-19 continue to abound.  Applications have proliferated in the wild, offering concerned people the chance to test themselves for Coronavirus.  Now, I haven’t used any of these apps, I don’t know how reliable they are, but the point is they are being used.  People are submitting copious amounts of data… Read More

COVID risks for remote working and small businesses

Amid the financial strains small businesses are enduring throughout the COVID-19 situation, a new data breach has arisen from attempts to provide relief.  Unfortunately, it appears that in their haste to process relief loans, the US Small Business Administration (SBA) developed an application without sufficient protection.  Hence the breach.  Almost 8,000 people had their personal… Read More

Can Zoom’s new security initiatives win back users?

Before the outbreak of COVID-19, I can’t help but wonder how widely known Zoom was.  I had certainly never heard of it, but everyone seems to be using the service these days.  With fame, however, comes the spotlight and scrutiny.  If the company hadn’t been prioritizing their security, this Zoom boom is certainly making them… Read More

About that San Francisco Airport breach

Last week we covered security for travel by sea, this week we take a look at the sky.  Not that air travel is as prominent right now as it usually is, but don’t expect that to deter cyber criminals.  Airports are still a massive trove of personal information, and hackers are exploiting the COVID chaos… Read More

Phishing schemes and cruise line breaches

With industries around the world struggling to cope with COVID-19, and many smaller businesses especially hurting financially, it is crucial to avoid falling prey to cyber criminals and further disruption.  Phishing schemes, and not just COVID-related ones, continue to be an insidious way to exploit people’s trust or fears for the phishers’ own purposes. Phishing… Read More