Compliance. Ignoring It Can Cost Your Business. 

Businesses are powered by data. Data is the language of our personal and professional interactions. Every transaction you make requires sharing your data with one or more partners. It is the responsibility of those business partners to protect your data and that’s where compliance plays a critical role. Government agencies around the globe have recognized… Read More

Bolstering cyber defenses to deal with evolving threats

Cyber criminals continue to get more sophisticated in their attacks.  We have alluded to this before, but the cost of data breaches rises each year.  This is especially true for the healthcare industry, where a breach can incur a cost of over $6 million and counting.  Schools and government agencies have likewise found themselves targeted… Read More

Data security risks targeting all industries

The eSports market is one of the fastest growing among entertainment industries.  In 2019, worldwide revenues of virtual or in-person video game competitions, totaled $957.5 million, a number which is expected to exceed $1.6 billion by 2024.   Like any online medium, however, this still fledgling enterprise finds itself having to contend not just with cheating… Read More

Student data breaches and expanded guidelines for health information

Any company engaging in the sharing of personal health information (PHI) for advertising purposes may soon find itself subject to new Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rules.  New guidance extends previous controls to the formerly ambiguous domain of applications and devices that share health data.  Failure to comply looks to invite agency enforcement in the future…. Read More

Database Encryption: The Most Crucial Defensive Strategy for Your Information

Database encryption must be a part of your data protection strategy. The news is full of stories of breaches, hacks and other cyber attacks. Why? Because private information is valuable! Cyber thieves target sensitive details – passwords, social security numbers, and other private information that can be sold on the Dark Web. Yet many companies… Read More

Protecting Intellectual Property From Hackers

Last week saw a data breach announcement from Samsung, which the company publicly acknowledged and for which the hacking group Lapsus$ claimed responsibility.  Luckily for Samsung customers, this does not appear to have been a case of compromised user data.  Rather, the hackers posted that they had stolen 190 gigabytes of company source code for… Read More

Protecting Critical Services from Cybercriminals

Last year’s targeted attack against the Colonial Pipeline brought into sharper focus the risk utilities face from cyber crime.  Data has always been a valuable resource for those who possess it, now more so than ever; as breaches of critical utilities show, it can also be a weapon.  If a retailer’s online platform gets breached,… Read More

Privacy Laws in 2022

What’s New? COVID-19 has impacted not only our personal and professional lives, but has also continued to affect every industry, whether directly or indirectly. As our routines have moved to a “new normal” of remote work and online processes, the need for online security has expanded greatly. More states have begun to expand security regulations… Read More

Cyber criminals adjusting their tactics to target data

Examination of law enforcement successes against ransomware agents in recent years reveals a resulting adjustment among cyber criminals.  Despite some important figures of criminal gangs being apprehended, many who remain have learned from the experience and are switching their focus to demanding higher ransoms in place of a wider attack net.  Rather than incur the… Read More

Hacker apprehended while the group remains at large

When you hear about something called The Dark Overlord, you might expect it to be something related to a movie or video game.  Not so, here, with a Canadian hacker being sentenced to three years in prison for dealing in stolen personal information, including doing business with a hacking and extortion group with that moniker…. Read More