Simplifying the protection of your digital world

NetLib Security simplifies global enterprise data security management with a powerful, cost effective platform that scales to meet your needs without increasing your budget – no new hardware or programming required – with virtually no impact on performance. Our patented encryption platform, Encryptionizer, helps companies achieve compliance and acts as an additional layer of security on top of Windows and application security across the enterprise, in case perimeter defenses are breached.

Beginners Guide to Encryption (and Encryptionizer)

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Is your data encrypted?

I recently saw a figure that both startled me, but also really did not.  Tech Pro Research conducted a survey of IT professionals, to study how their companies were interacting with new Internet of Things (IoT) technology. The number that stuck out to me was: of those respondents who said their businesses did use IoT… Read More

Are data breaches mundane now?

For we who cover the field of data security, its incidents and trends, it is interesting to reflect on how much certain things have changed in just a few years.  I talked about this last time, but the constant inundation of data breach headlines has altered how people conceive of these stories.  What once was… Read More

Are consumers becoming apathetic about data breaches?

Complacency is an immobilizing condition that can creep up on people at any time, whether a situation is improving or trending down over time.  This holds true whether you’re talking about global politics or cybersecurity.  In the latter case, as The Motley Fool’s Daniel Kline points out, consumers do not seem to have met the… Read More

Beginners Guide to Encryption (and Encryptionizer)

Download full White Paper (PDF) To Encrypt or Not Encrypt Encryption protects our data. It keeps it secure whether it’s “at-rest” – such as sitting on our computers or devices – or “in-transit” – wherever we are transmitting conversations from point A to point B over the Internet. Encryption renders the data useless if it… Read More

Medical Device Encryption & Security

Managing the Internet of Healthcare Electronic Medical Devices (EMD) ­are the computerized instruments and apparatuses that come into direct contact with patients are and used to diagnose and/or treat.  The proliferation of these devices across the entire healthcare industry has provided extra convenience for both organizations and patients alike.  New applications have facilitated the collection,… Read More

Application Encryption and Security

The Need for Application Security Application security is a growing concern for businesses across the board.  More traditionally non-tech companies fashion themselves, on top of their normal operations, as software developers these days, and even who aren’t rely on applications interacting with their business critical data.  Protecting this data is of the utmost importance.  Organizations… Read More