Data Security Platform

NetLib Security’s powerful, patented data security platform helps companies control data loss prevention (DLP) by managing what data can be transferred outside of their network. The company’s flagship encryption software solution, Encryptionizer, simplifies global enterprise security with a scalable and cost effective solution that requires no administrative overhead while helping to enable compliance. It acts as an additional layer of security on top of Windows and application security across the enterprise, in case perimeter defenses are breached with virtually no impact on performance that can be managed from anywhere in the world, across physical, virtual or cloud environments. Our patented technology advances the state of the art of your data security without increasing your budget – no new hardware or programming required – ensuring users do not send sensitive information outside the network.

84% of all data breaches

had clear evidence of the breach already identified and nobody did anything with the information


Social Credit System – Where Will Your Data Rank You?

Among US media, at least, it has long been the prevailing view that Chinese citizens are, on the whole, less demanding when it comes to their personal data online, or critical of its misuse; that there is a greater generosity and leeway afforded than in Western countries. That perception is currently being put to the… Read More

VTech and Equifax still on the hook for breaches

Back in 2015, the electronic toy manufacturer VTech suffered a particularly shameful data breach that exposed personal information for millions of people, including children.  Customers who registered for the company’s online Learning Lodge platform or its Kids Connect service had their information—190 GB worth of photos, chat logs, audio files and other tidbits—accessed by a… Read More

What You Need to Know about the Homeland Security Breach

It looks like we couldn’t go a single week in the new year without a significant data breach of a major government agency.  Right off the bat, the Department of Homeland Security announced that personal information was compromised for over 240,000 former and current employees, as well as subjects and witnesses involved with investigations of… Read More

Medical Device Encryption & Security

Managing the Internet of Healthcare Electronic Medical Devices (EMD) ­are the computerized instruments and apparatuses that come into direct contact with patients are and used to diagnose and/or treat.  The proliferation of these devices across the entire healthcare industry has provided extra convenience for both organizations and patients alike.  New applications have facilitated the collection,… Read More

Application Encryption and Security

The Need for Application Security Application security is a growing concern for businesses across the board.  More traditionally non-tech companies fashion themselves, on top of their normal operations, as software developers these days, and even who aren’t rely on applications interacting with their business critical data.  Protecting this data is of the utmost importance.  Organizations… Read More

Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) – Encryptionizer vs. SQL Server

NetLib® Encryptionizer® TDE offers some important advantages over MS SQL Server’s Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)