Legacy Application Encryption

Legacy applications represent a growing issue across all business sectors today. While it’s important to protect sensitive data from malicious attackers to erroneous insider errors whether the system is a modern or legacy one, the truth is that legacy applications represent a major security headache.

New regulations and company policies mandating that all data must be encrypted pose a particular problem for legacy systems. Many were developed at a time when security was not taken into consideration and it can be difficult to find the original source code or developer. It can also be cost prohibitive to migrate everything to a new system; the time and cost involved in system testing and the prospect of a massive end-user retraining program can prove overwhelming.

NetLib Security’s Encryptionizer Platform for Desktops and Servers can breathe new life into your critical legacy applications. Easy-to- use and deploy, it requires minimal configuration through our point-and- click utilities to encrypt the data of virtually any legacy application on the Windows or MSDOS Platform.

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