Compliance encryption software for PCI, GDPR, HIPAA Omnibus/HITECH and FIPS 140-2

Understanding compliance is critical to creating stronger, more comprehensive data security plans for every organization. As government regulations change, understanding the new legal and financial ramifications can be a cumbersome and expensive process. As organizations work toward staying current with the latest trends, compliance and data security cannot be overlooked.

NetLib Security’s data security platform simplifies the process and takes the guesswork out of meeting the ever-changing compliance paradigm. We provide the key components for the standard protection protocol necessary for businesses to meet compliance requirements for PCI, GDPRHIPAA Omnibus/HiTECH and FIPS 140-2 across the enterprise from physical, virtual and cloud environments.

 In addition to securing data for large, medium and small organizations and government agencies, we also enable application developers to make their applications compliant while protecting their intellectual property and distributed applications.

HIPAA Omnibus and HITECH Compliance Software: PHI and Electronic Health Records (EHR)

NetLib Security helps protect patient data and medical records. We support the AS provisions of HIPAA Omnibus by encrypting PHI and EHR; an increasingly integral component for companies executing HIPAA Omnibus and HITECH compliance strategies.

FIPS 140-2 Encryption Software: Government and Military

NetLib Security’s cryptographic modules, have been tested and validated against the requirements found in FIPS PUB 140-2, Security Requirements for Cryptographic Modules by NIST. This cryptographic standard is often mandatory for Government and Military processes.


NetLib Security helps protect sensitive personal and business critical data helping organizations of all sizes in the EU. 

PCI Compliance Software: Credit Card and Payment Processors

NetLib Security supports the encryption portions of the PCI standard to protect credit card data, which has become an increasingly integral component for executing PCI DSS compliance strategies and data security.

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