NetLib Security Solutions

NetLib Security’s unique approach to data security solutions is focused on reducing the inherent complexities of navigating the ever changing compliance guidelines. From healthcare, financial services, government agencies, technology to credit card manufacturers, we understand each sector of business has varied needs and why we tailor our solutions to meet your unique business demands. Our flagship data security platform, Encryptionizer, is simple, scalable and affordable. Protecting your data doesn’t have to break the bank but not protecting it will.

Business Services

Data security and privacy are must have in today’s volatile business climate wrought with daily cyber crimes and breaches. Perhaps no group is as widely affected as business service providers. Protecting your data, your privacy and your business is our primary goal at NetLib Security. Our patented data security platform has been designed to maintain your business stability and that of your clients while providing a simple, scalable, flexible and affordable solution for your data security needs.

Database Encryption

Businesses of all kinds store data – the data that sits in your database, data at rest, represents the largest threat for theft due to the sheer volume of information organizations typically store in their databases.

Legacy Applications

Legacy Applications are a major security headache. Many were developed at a time when security was not taken into consideration. You can breathe new life into your critical legacy applications. With some initial configuration through our point-and-click utilities you can protect the data of virtually any legacy application on the Windows or DOS Platform.


Safeguarding the confidentiality and security of your stored patients data is of utmost importance to the future of your healthcare organization. Our data security platform delivers unprecedented data security while enabling compliance to ensure your business goals are met in a cost effective manner. Data is the cornerstone of every business, your business, and is our top priority.

Medical Device Manufacturers

Medical Device security is an emerging issue. Legacy products that were never designed to combat cyberthreats are exposed. New device development needs to be built with security and privacy in mind from the start. NetLib Security’s Encryptionizer helps MDM’s encrypt data stored on legacy and new devices and systems without any changes to program code – quickly and easily in a few steps.

Application Developer

NetLib Security transparently integrates application-level encryption into existing applications with no modifications to your application. Our goal is to simplify the process for you while ensuring your intellectual property and application data is protected.


NetLib Security received the FIPS 140-2 validation for its patented data security platform, Encryptionizer®. Our FIPS 140-2 encryption software transparently protects sensitive information in government agencies at all levels (Federal, state and local) and military installations, as well as government vendors to help them comply with the FIPS 140-2 requirement and become FIPS 140-2 Validated.


At NetLib Security, we understand non-profit organizations, especially educational institutions, are in a never-ending budget crisis with very limited internal resources to manage the increasingly difficult information security landscape. NetLib Security’s data security platform simplifies the process, no administrative overhead or programming necessary, while offering reduced pricing structures for these organizations.

Financial Services

NetLib Security has been working closely with financial institutions for more than two decades to transparently protect their data at rest with virtually no impact on performance. We understand the need for maintaining business stability while ensuring the highest levels of security are in place from insider and external threats.