Just as customer data is the lifeblood of businesses today, schools most valuable resource is student information and staff records. In fact, students are often at higher risk for data breaches for numerous overlooked reasons:

  • They tend to give out their information more freely
  • They spend a great deal of time on social media sharing personal information
  • And, perhaps even more so, their information is typically manually entered by educational administrators or by the students themselves to online services. Human error is one of the top forms of data ‘insecurity’.

Therefore, there is an even greater obligation and responsibility on the part of the educational institutions and providers to make sure that the information is protected.

At NetLib Security, we understand non-profit organizations, especially educational institutions, are in a never-ending budget crisis with very limited internal resources to manage the increasingly difficult information security landscape. NetLib Security’s data security platform simplifies the process, no administrative overhead or programming necessary, while offering reduced pricing structures for these organizations. Life is hard enough which is why we do our best to make it easier on you.

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