Microsoft Surface delivers on power and speed, but is the data on your device secure?

The rapidly growing remote workforce is dramatically changing how we live and work to meet the new hybrid collaborative economy.  According to TechRadar, 82% of managers say that even post-COVID they will have more flexible remote working policies.  This demands more flexibility and mobility with the tools we use to get the job done – whatever that may be.  More people are turning to tablets as their primary workstation.  Thin and lighter with enormous power.  What’s not to love? 

Enter products like the Microsoft Surface – the best of both worlds. Powerful as a desktop, light and mobile as a tablet. Showing up in work-from-home offices all over. Flexible and capable as these new devices like the Surface might be, they cannot escape the cybersecurity risks inherent in all connected mobile devices.  These corporate devices hold sensitive data, important systems, access to corporate networks. Physical risks are the most simplistic example: one might lose their tablet or have it actually stolen.  Phishing scams and nefarious links add to the risk.  All it takes is for a single connected device to be compromised in these or other ways, and your corporate data – on the device and on the network are vulnerable.

How can we solve this?

NetLib Security’s Encryptionizer solution helps to secure your business-critical data at rest (stored data) on your Microsoft Surface with no additional programming required.  No matter what other precautions an organization may take, chances are a data breach will occur soon or later.  Whether it’s an intentional ploy by a hacker targeting your valuable data or an internal error that leaves you exposed, solid preparation can make a world of difference in how your business weathers the storm.  

Using Encryptionizer, you can transparently encrypt your data files to prevent this type of unauthorized access.  Even if one of the tablet’s weaknesses gets exploited, and your systems infiltrated, the stored data will be illegible and useless to any intruders.  Keeping track of user action is simplified via an installed Key Management Service, while an Encryption Driver assists with encrypting the data.  

Aside from establishing this safeguard without any additional programming, no changes to the applications or sacrifice of system performance is necessary either.  Microsoft Surfaces can be a strong bulwark in a company’s cybersecurity plan, minimizing weak links with no interruption of workflow.