A flurry of hacker activity

A data breach of the marketing platform MailChimp has, in turn, led to one for sports betting firm FanDuel, and a warning to users about potential phishing scams as a result.  Fortunately the total number of affected people was minor.  This is nevertheless another instance of a third-party vendor falling for a social engineering scheme… Read More

Twitter Breach Takes a Turn

A new year means new challenges.  It can also mean resolving old challenges, however, which continue to manifest their not so pretty heads.  Everyone may have already heard of the massive Twitter data breach from last year: accessing a cache of non-public user data from December of 2021, cyber criminals went on to sell it… Read More

Honing in on data protection

Security Boulevard has cited the inequality in data protection efficiency among different organizations can be a yardstick by which they can differentiate themselves from the competition: another view to incentivize good data security.  How does this reflect in practice?  The benefits are many.  Increasing trust and loyalty among customers; mitigating the risk of a data… Read More

Data dangers for hospitals

Cyber crime that bombards healthcare organizations can put people’s lives at risk.  This is a known fact, and if anyone doesn’t know it, incidents like that at the Hospital Centre of Versailles, in Paris, should serve to further demonstrate.  Consisting of several different hospitals, the complex was forced to cancel operations after a cyber attack… Read More

Australian data breach news & repercussions

In the wake of the nation’s major data breaches, Australian authorities have conducted investigations in conjunction with other agencies, like Interpol.  Their findings lead them to the totally unremarkable conclusion that Russian hackers are behind this recent spate.  Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police (AFP), Reece Kershaw, revealed that his team was aware of the… Read More

Penalties for data breaches surging

A data breach against Drizly LLC in 2020 exposed the personal data of around 2.5 million customers through a hacker accessing employee login information.  Now, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has levied a proposed decision and order against both the firm and its CEO, James Cory Rellas, exacting stern measures.  Demonstrating the severity of consequence… Read More

HELP WANTED:  Data Security Experts

First it was telecoms like Optus and Telstra, then Medibank Private Ltd., to name a few major Australian firms hit by cybersecurity breaches.  Now, another significant data breach has been disclosed – this time of a military communication platform called ForceNet.  Fortunately, in this case it seems no data was compromised by the cyber attack… Read More

Ransomware targets education

Ransomware continues to be a thorn in the side of countless organizations and industries.  The FBI has confirmed a rise in this trend, especially since 2019.  One dark web listing in 2020 advertised 2,000 university credentials for sale.  This year, the agency found further evidence for multiple cybercrime forums selling credentials and VPN access to… Read More

Australia’s seismic telecom breaches

The big data security story in the news these last few weeks is the hack of Optus, Australia’s second largest telecom firm.  One unusual twist to the standard plot is the alleged hacker retracting their ransom demands and offering an actual apology for the incident.  You don’t often see that.  Perhaps the situation got too… Read More

Twitter and Twilio Breaches

Twitter has experienced elevated data security issues in recent years.  The data of around 5.4 million anonymous user accounts was recently on sale on an underground forum for $30,000 between last June 2021 and January 2022.  Ultimately, a lower price was negotiated by the buyers.  Through the stolen data, the new owners could theoretically trace… Read More