Tis the season to protect your shopping list

Now that Halloween is over, consumers can safely turn their attention to Christmas without fear of social ostracism (Christmas commercials in October, ugh).  Instead, they can freely prepare for the mad rush of holiday shopping next month, where consumers will be out in droves.  Which means, a deluge of personal data for retailers, both physical and online.  While the new chip-and-signature cards should provide greater security, it’s still critical for businesses to protect this information influx from cyber thieves.

To that end, Computer Weekly’s Security Think Tank has penned a brief list of steps companies can take to manage and secure their data, and thus be better prepared for the attacks that will come.  This includes assigning at least one employee to manage personal data inventory and compliance, as well as ensuring everyone is made aware of the business’ data protection practices.  Transparency is stressed—high clarity about data management, information such as what data was collected and how long it will be stored.  Equally crucial is implementing data protection processes, which involves classifying the types of data collected to improve management, disposal of documents that contain data whose retention is no longer legally or practically required, and security of data transferred overseas.

Ultimately, the list emphasizes for businesses the importance of being as flexible as a fat man cramming himself down a chimney, in the event the Think Tank’s recommendations don’t work exactly for everyone.  After all, seeing as ‘tis the season for shoppers to keep their information safe, companies must prepare, lest they be caught out in the cold.

By: Jonathan Weicher