You’re collecting data on your website, but is it secure?

No matter what website builder you may be using, there are always security concerns to ensure that both yours and your users’ sensitive data aren’t compromised when a breach occurs. This is especially true on sites with a higher degree of user interactivity.  If people are sharing their personal details on a website, the risk of a data breach becomes more severe, and there are all kinds of sensitive data collected by these platforms.  Not necessarily credit card numbers, but company information and customer details can become vulnerable through an exposed content management system.  Since the platform may not provide native security, risks like compromised plugins or other extensions, vulnerable core software, or even stolen login credentials can damage your security posture.

What many people don’t realize is that after all the excitement of seeing their site go live and watching their traffic grow, they might have also easily overlooked a very important point: THE DATA MAY NOT BE SECURE. In the background of your website, data is being collected and that sensitive information may not be encrypted, making it vulnerable to hackers.

All too often it is assumed that the stored data on the web site — they store data on the server using some kind of database (server-side storage), then run server-side code to retrieve needed data, insert it into static page templates, and serve the resulting HTML to the client to be displayed by the user’s browser – is automatically encrypted but that is not the case.

The question then becomes, what are organizations doing to protect the intellectual property of their own site and the stored data?  NetLib Security’s Encryptionizer software can help you shore up these defenses by transparently encrypting your data at rest.  In the event a website builder suffers a data breach, your own internal and customer data will be encrypted, and of no use to any unauthorized parties.  No additional programming is required to install and use Encryptionizer, nor are application changes or performance decrease.  Our solution can provide security assistance for dedicated or shared web servers.   

With online presence becoming more important for businesses than ever before, it is crucial to ensure that your website, as a primary digital portal, doesn’t become a security afterthought. In just a few clicks, NetLib Security helps you protect your stored data.