What documentation is included?

All documentation is included in electronic form. A Tutorial Guide will give you a quick overview to getting Encryptionizer up and running quickly with the most common scenarios. A more detailed User Guide is provided with detailed explanations of all features available. The Developer Version for Application Developers distributing Encryptionizer bundled with their applications receive instructions… Read More

What encryption algorithms and key lengths do you use?

Encryptionizer is standardized on the AES algorithm. Depending on use, we have several formulations of the AES algorithm for special purposes.  Each has been validated by NIST for the FIPS 140-2 standard. Key Lengths: 128 bit (16 bytes) 256 bit (32 bytes) Modes: CBC: For performance reasons, recommended for structured files, such as SQL Server… Read More

Can I bundle Encryptionizer with my application?

Yes! With the distribution license you can include transparent data encryption and/or column encryption in your distributed application. Use it to protect your own intellectual property, or enable your users to protect the data they enter into your application. We include instructions on how to build the installation scripts. Even if you are distributing Encryptionizer throughout… Read More

Can I use Encryptionizer to become compliant with HIPAA, PCIDSS, etc?

While using Encryptionizer alone will not make you immediately compliant, Encryptionizer can be used as your compliance strategy. NetLib clients use Encryptionizer as part of the overall plan for HIPAA compliance, PCIDSS, FIPS 140-2

Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) – Encryptionizer vs. SQL Server

Encryptionizer’s TDE offers several advantages over SQL Server’s. We have included a brief comparison of Encryptionizer TDE and SQL Server TDE.

How is Encryptionizer different from EFS/BitLocker?

Encryptionizer offers several advantages over Operating System-based  whole disk encryption.  In fact, you will find Encryptionizer useful even if you already have Whole Disk encryption on your disk volume. Encryptionizer is an additional layer of security on top of Windows security. It can be controlled by the Data owner, separate from the Computer Owner, and the Windows, Domain… Read More

How do I place an order?

We highly recommend that you request an evaluation version before deciding to purchase Encryptionizer. This fully functional evaluation version will allow you to see how quickly Encryptionizer can be deployed as well as ensure that Encryptionizer satisfies your needs. Click here to request an evaluation version. If you would simply like more information or would… Read More