Transparent Database Encryption

How do I deploy NetLib’s Transparent Database Encryption?

You start by using an included provided User Interface (or available Command-Line-Interface) to encrypt a database with a high level Encryption algorithm, a selected key length (up to 256 bit) and a pass-phrase. Next, you use another utility to secure your instance of SQL Server, MySQL or other application with the Encryptionizer engine. This allows your… Read More

How does Transparent Database Encryption work?

Transparent Database Encryption encrypts an entire database file. This encrypted database cannot be accessed unless the SQL server, My SQL or other application is then secured with the same key. This prevents anyone from being able to steal the database file and view or attach it elsewhere. And it does this simply, with low maintenance… Read More

How does Transparent Database Encryption protect backups?

Databases on backup media are as much at risk, if not even more so, than databases on the server. Of course you use a backup password, but anyone that needs to perform a backup or a restore needs to know the password. In fact, it is probably taped to the backup console! Encryptionizer can automatically… Read More