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KB #240029: How to specify column and table names containing embedded spaces

Type: Tip
Column and table names containing embedded spaces (blanks) must be enclosed in [brackets], not ‘quotes’, when passed as parameters to APIs.
Additional Information:
-- Correct:
set @value = fn_n_decrypt_char([home phone], 0, 0, 1)

-- Wrong: this will decrypt the literal value "home phone"
set @value = fn_n_decrypt_char('home phone', 0, 0, 1)

-- Correct:
exec sp_n_encrypt_col [student table], [home phone], 1

-- Wrong: this will generate an error
exec sp_n_encrypt_col 'student table', 'home phone', 1

Tip: It is always ok to enclose table or column names in [brackets] even if they do not contain embedded spaces:

-- Both are correct:
exec sp_n_encrypt_col students, telephone, 1
exec sp_n_encrypt_col [students], [telephone], 1


Last modified: 1/13/2016