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KB #240033: Error – Cannot open file vbame.dll

Type: Fix
Microsoft’s SQLDMO requires the special VBAME.DLL when running on a machine with a Middle Easter Language localization.
Additional Information:
Older versions of the Encryptionizer Admin Wizard (secadmin.exe) and the Encrypt/Decrypt Wizard (secncrpt.exe) both use Microsoft’s SQLDMO. When running on a machine with a Middle Eastern Language localization, it requires the special VBAME.DLL, otherwise you may receive the following error:

   Cannot open file vbame.dll

If you have the Middle Eastern Language localization, you probably already have this DLL. However, if not, you can download version from

You should unzip it into the %SystemRoot%\System32 directory, normally:
c:\winnt\system32 -or- c:\windows\system32


Last modified: 1/13/2016