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KB #240038: SQL database backups to a Mapped Drive are not encrypted


Known Issues


If making a backup using SQL Backup to a Mapped Drive, the backup is not encrypted, even if the “Encrypt New Databases and Backups” is set on. This issue is resolved with Encryptionizer  driver version 2008.401.4 or later.

Additional Information:

A database backup using SQL Backup function will not be encrypted if the backup device is a Mapped Drive (even if mapped to a local drive). This is true even if the “Encrypt New Databases and Backups” flag is set on.

Encrypted backups require that the backup device is a local drive on the machine that contains the SQL installation, and that you backup directly to the drive, and not to it’s UNC share.

For example, assume C is the local drive on MYSERVER. In addition, assume that S: is mapped to your own local drive, i.e.,


If you backup to C:, then backups will be encrypted (assuming “Encrypt New” is on). However, if you backup to S: or \MYSERVER\C, then backups will be plaintext, even if “Encrypt New” is on.Workaround: Backup to directly to tape. Or backup to a local drive, then if desired, copy to tape or a mapped drive. The backup file will then be encrypted.

This is a known issue with Encryptionizer for SQL Server and Encryptionizer for MSDE. This only affects Whole Database Encryption.

Data that is encrypted with Encryptionizer Column Encryption will be encrypted regardless of backup method or device.

This issue is resolved with Encryptionizer (x86) driver version 2008.401.4 or later.

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Last modified: 2/8/2016