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KB #240051: Database becomes suspect when used with some Anti Virus Software




Recent changes in some versions of Virus Scanners (Anti-Virus) have required changes in Encryptionizer whole database encryption.

Additional Information:

We have determined that recent changes in some Anti Virus Software (AVS) required modifications to Encryptionizer for MSDE and Encryptionizer for SQL Server. It does not affect all brands of AVS, nor all versions of a single brand. It is occuring very rarely, however, we have decided to take proactive steps.This may affect you (or your customers) only if:

  • you are using whole database encryption, and
  • you are using an active, on-access Virus Scanner (i.e., files are automatically scanned when opened)

It does not affect you if:

  • you are using column encryption only, or
  • you are not using an active, on-access Virus Scanner. I.e.,
    • you are not using any AVS at all, or
    • you are only using an on-demand, scheduled scan (e.g., every day at 5pm).

We recommend that you contact us for this patch. After you apply the patch, the file nlemsql.sys will have a File Version of 2005.201.11.0 or later.If you have a database that is already suspect due to this error, you may be able to repair it with the utility provided in our KB article 240049.

As an unrelated issue, Microsoft recommends that you consider excluding database files (MDF, LDF, and NDX) from a real-time, on-access virus scan for performance purposes. See Microsoft KB article 309422.

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Last modified: 2/8/2016