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KB #240052: Torn Page (Error 823) error at offset 0 when opening encrypted database




A Torn Page error at offset 0x0000000000000000 will occur when trying to attach an encrypted database or bring it online if the SQL Server to which it is attached is not secured with the same key as the encrypted database.

Additional Information:

This article provides an explanation of an error you may receive from SQL Server if you have not properly configured Encryptionizer.Situation:

  • You have installed Encryptionizer on your server and rebooted your system.
  • SQL Server is running and you have chosen to take the database you wish to encrypt offline, allowing other databases to continue running.
  • You have encrypted the offline database using one of the Encryptionizer Utilities or the available API’s.
  • You experience the following error when bringing the encrypted database online:

Error 823: I/O error (torn page) detected during read at offset 0000000000000000…

This error has occured because the SQL Server Instance has not been configured to read the encrypted database, or has been configured with a key that is different from the encrypted databse.Resolution:
Secure the SQL instance with the proper key(s) in order to access the encrypted file using the Encryptionizer Admin Wizard. Remember that the key(s) used to encrypt the database must exactly match the key(s) used to secure the SQL instance.

To verify the key used to encrypt the database, use the “Validate” function within the Encrypt/Decrypt Wizard within Encryptionizer.

If you are certain that you have properly secured the SQL instance with the proper key, please refer to the Microsoft KB 828339 for other possible causes unrelated to Encryptionizer.

Last modified: 2/8/2016