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KB #240059: Error: “Invalid path or file name”


Known Issues


When installing API’s or running any Encryptionizer Utility, you receive an error “Invalid path or file name”. This is due to an incorrect configuration setting on the workstation/server.

Additional Information:

When running any of the Encryptionizer utilities or when installing Encryptionizer API’s, you receive an error “Invalid path or file name”.

The problem is the contents of the PATH environment variable of the machine on which Encryptionizer software is installed. The error is most commonly caused by a missing semicolon, which divides the directories that make up the Path statement. Other errors in the PATH may also cause the error (such are references to directories that no longer exist).

The error is unrelated to any changes that Encryptionizer has made, but does prevent the Encryptionizer utilities from running.


You will need to modify the PATH variable to correct it. Check that there is a semi-colon between each directory set. Look for other errors, such as references to directories that no longer exist.

You can edit the PATH statement by going to the System Icon within the Control Panel. From there click on the Advanced Tab, and then the Environment Variables. You will find the PATH variable within the System Variables section of the dialog box.

In Windows NT 4, go to the System icon in the Control Panel. After opening the System icon, select the Environment tab then check the contents of the Path variable. Windows NT also reads an Autoexec.bat file if one is present. Look for a SET PATH statement in the Autoexec.bat file if the Environment tab Path variable does not contain any visible problems. Other types of batch files or login scripts may also reset the path. You can view the current path by opening a command prompt and typing SET PATH.

Please see Microsoft KB 163801 for more information.

Last modified: 1/29/2016