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KB #240060: Upgrading from an evaluation version to production version of Encryptionizer for SQL

Type: Information
You have purchased a production license of Encryptionzier and would like to upgrade from the evaluation version already installed.


Additional Information:
If you have installed an evaluation version that was downloaded after August 1, 2006 (driver version 2006.101.11.0 or later, viewable on the NetLib Encryptionizer Main Menu – nlmain.exe), you will be able update your evaluation version with the production version without requiring a decrypt and uninstall.

To upgrade the evaluation version to the production version of software, simply install your production version software over the evaluation version previously installed. Once installation and registration is completed, reboot the machine if the installer requests it.

You will not need to unsecure or decrypt any databases. All configuration options are remembered from the evaluation version to the production version.

It is imperative that you update your Evaluation version with a Production build of the software. The Evaluation version is built to have a hard stop regardless of the registration key applied.

Last modified: 1/13/2016