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KB #240067: Using 3GB Switch in BOOT.INI may cause I/O errors (event ID: 1181)




Using the 3GB switch in boot.ini will severely restrict kernel memory and may result in I/O errors. (Event ID: 1181)

Additional Information:

The /3GB switch in boot.ini reduces the amount of kernel memory available to Windows to 1GB (from the default 2GB). If you are running many devices, drivers, and services, this simply may not be sufficient.This may result in “Insufficient Resources” error messages such as:

  • Error 1181 (source nlemsql) in the Windows System Event Log
  • Error 1450 in the SQL Server ERRORLOG

Try disabling any non-critical drivers, services, and devices, especially On-Access Virus Scanners, if feasible.Alternatively, remove the /3GB switch. This will require that you reboot the machine.

In the rare cases that this error has occurred, it has not resulted in any file corruption.

If you are running Windows 2003 Server:

If you are running Windows 2003 Server, it is not necessary to use the /3GB Switch to have SQL Server take advantage of more than 4GB RAM. However, you should use the following options:


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Last modified: 1/29/2016