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KB #240068: How to run the Support Wizard Diagnostic




This article describes how to download and run the NetLib Support Wizard, a diagnostic utility that can provide Tech Support with important information about your NetLib Installation

Additional Information:

The NetLib Support Wizard Diagnostic is a utility that will collect information about the NetLib installation and the machine on which it is installed.

If you have a support issue, Tech Support will usually ask you to run the NetLib Support Diagnostic to begin to analyze your issue.

The Support Wizard Diagnostic does NOT collect any security information such as encryption keys.

To generate the Support Wizard output:

  • Download and run
  • Check option 3.
  • If you have been instructed by technical support, check more of the options, please do so.
  • Click Next to run the Support Wizard.
  • Depending on the options chosen you may be prompted to start and/or stop SQL Server. If this will interfere with a critical production system, you can skip that step, however, the wizard may not be able to collect as much information as we would like.
  • When complete, the wizard will place a file QADSUPPWIZ.LOG on your desktop. Depending on the options chosen it may also place a file QADSUPPWIZ.LOG.ZIP on your desktop. Please email the files to your support technician.

Last modified: 1/29/2016