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KB #240076: Driver does not load using Parallels Virtuozzo


Known Issues


Encryptionizer does not start when running under Virtuozzo Windows Containers from Parallels Inc (formerly SWsoft Inc)

Additional Information:

Parallels adds drivers to the Virtuozzo “white list” database on a case-by-case basis. Encryptionizer has been tested successfully and will be added to their white-list in the next Virtuozzo maintenance release. Parallels has not given us a release time-frame, but you may contact them if you need more information:  If this is an urgent matter for you, contact us for more information.

Please note, that this does not affect Parallels’ other virtualization products, such as Parallels Workstation and Parallels Server, which should run Encryptionizer as-is.

Last modified: 7/8/2016