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KB #240095: User not being prompted to enter key when SQL starts



Even though “??” was specified as the key when building the security profile, SQL hangs at startup and user is not presented with a key entry dialog.


Additional Information:
If you have specified ?? (two question marks) as a key when creating the security profile, the user is prompted with a dialog at SQL Startup to enter the key value. In Windows 2008 R2 and later you need to have Windows’ “Interactive Services Detection” Service running in order to interact with a Service from the Desktop:

To start this Service:

  • Start Administrative Tools->Services (run Run “services.msc”).
  • Locate the Interactive Services Detection Service.
  • Start the Service.
  • Change the Start type from Manual to Automatic so it will be started automatically next time you reboot.

If functioning properly, when starting SQL next time you will see an icon flashing on the Task Bar prompting you to interact with a Service.

Last modified: 1/13/2016