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KB #240109: Encrypted Backups to Tape




Encryptionizer driver versions 2008.201.40 and later supports encrypted backups directly to tape. However, this requires a special configuration setting separate from the “Encrypt New Databases and Backups” setting, as well as a special installation edition.

Additional Information:

Encryptionizer supports encrypted backups directly to tape. The configuration to enable this feature is not part of the “Encrypt New Databases and Backups” setting in the Additional Options screen of the Administration Wizard.

Please contact us for a special installation build to support Encrypted Backups to Tape.

Note: A tape can contain all encrypted backups or all plaintext backups. You cannot have a mixture of encrypted and plaintext backups on the same tape.

To enable encrypted backups directly to tape:

  • In the Administration Wizard, add your database key(s) on the Enable Encryptionizer screen. If you have only one encryption key, this will be key #1. If you have more than one encryption key, make note of the Key number to be used for the backup tape.
  • Set the option to “Encrypt New Databases and Backups” on the Additional Options screen
  • Choose the “Specify File Names to include/exclude” feature and click “Specify”.
  • In File Mask field, enter:
    Where TapeNumber can be 0-3, for TAPE0 through TAPE3.
  • Select Key Number from above and click “include” button.
    (See the Whole Database User Guide for more detailed instructions on other rules that can be added for other purposes.)
  • In the text box below “Specify File Names to include/exclude” you will see the following included: "+=#;"
    For example, +=0#1; for encrypt TAPE0 with Key Number 1.

Complete any other options and finish the Wizard. These options will take effect next time SQL Server is started.

<font=”+1″>Using The CLI

Alternatively, if using the BLDCMD.exe CLI, include the following Rule in the Rules String parameter (/v):

Last modified: 7/8/2016