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KB #240125: System Stop (BSOD) when restoring an encrypted database with FileStreams from backup




When restoring a backup which contains FileStreams, you may experience a System Stop or crash(BSOD). This is currently known to affect only SQL Server 2016. It is not always reproducible.

Additional Information:

A patch is available. However, you must be running with the latest version of Encryptionizer. To check to see if your version can be patched, examine the file version of this file:

If it is version 2017.NNNN.28.0 or 2016.NNN.28.1 then it can be patched. If it is earlier than this version, the patch will fail to be applied. If it is later than this version, then the patch is not needed.

Note, that the patch installer will automatically detect the current version and either patch or not patch as appropriate. It is not possible to damage your installation by running the patch inappropriately.

If you require this patch to resolve this issue, please contact our team using our Support Page

Last modified: 10/31/2017