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KB #240128: Sending files privately to NetLib Security Support




Use the utility and procedure described below to email sensitive files to NetLib Security Support.

Additional Information:

We have provided a utility to allow you to email sensitive files to NetLib Security Support. The utility will encrypt a file with a Public Key. Upon receipt we will decrypt with the associated Private Key.

  • If more than one file needs to be sent, compress all files in a ZIP file
  • Download PrivateSend.exe from the NetLib Security website.
  • Run utility
  • Select file that needs to be emailed and select Encrypt.
  • It will encrypt the file and place it on the Desktop with the same name but with extension “CTX”. For example, if you encrypt it will place on the Desktop.
  • Attach the CTX file (a text file) to an email. (Tip: If the CTX file is very large, you can compress it into another ZIP file before sending.)

Last modified: 6/27/2019