Medical Device Encryption

Protecting Electronic Medical Devices, Distributed Applications and Sensitive Patient Data

The Problem:
Security in the healthcare industry is in a higher state of risk than almost any other industry. Medical Devices and associated systems are especially vulnerable. Recent attacks on healthcare organizations and the discovery of multiple new vulnerabilities highlight the need to make meaningful improvements to protect patient data.

Medical Device Manufacturers (MDM) have seen an increase in the use of Electronic Medical Devices (EMD), computerized instruments and apparatuses that come into direct contact with patients to diagnose and/or treat patients. New applications have facilitated the collection, sharing and analysis of patient data, with the goal of more coherent, comprehensive care. In 2017, the United States represented the largest medical device market in the world: $156 billion (40 percent of the global medical device market). By 2023, it is expected to grow to $208 billion.

EMDs helping to better manage our healthcare is priceless; however, it is creating a wide attack surface for cyber thieves. Organizations across the healthcare ecosystem should look more closely at the deployment and management of EMD’s to ensure they are mitigating the risk of a breach.

The Solution:
NetLib Security’s patented, high performance data security platform, Encryptionizer, simplifies security for your stored data right out of the box. It transparently encrypts your stored data on systems, devices and distributed applications with virtually no impact on performance, and no additional programming required. Encryptionizer data security technology can be built into new devices and systems, or can be used to protect legacy devices already in the field.

For more than twenty years, NetLib Security has been a leader and pioneer in data security. We recognize the importance of managing and defending your personal health information (PHI) and electronic health records (EHR) in order to maintain business stability, reputation and compliance. While cybersecurity threats cannot be completely eliminated, working with hospitals, providers, healthcare organizations, and MDM’s, NetLib Security can provide you with tools to protect and defend against them.

For the developers of Medical Devices, here is a snapshot of how easy it is to deploy Encryptionizer and protect sensitive stored data – as part of your new devices or your legacy products:

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