Developer Versions

You are a developer of an application that:

  • is commercially distributed, or
  • distributed internally within the enterprise

You need to:

  • Protect sensitive data entered into your application
  • Safeguard the business rules, algorithms, schema, and procedures – your intellectual property – incorporated into your application
  • Prevent data tinkering by curious users, network administrators, etc.
  • Protect your customer’s data
  • Protect your DLLs (including DotNet DLLs) from reverse engineering.

NetLib Security’s Developer Versions transparently integrates application-level encryption into existing applications with no modifications to your application. Our goal is to simplify the process for you while ensuring your intellectual property is protected. Your customers are not even aware that Encryptionizer is embedded.

Each of our products have an equivalent Developer Version available, and allows you full use of their capabilities – silently, transparently. Please see the product pages for more information about specific capabilities.

The Developer Version includes:

  • Full Installation module which includes all utilities for Development use only
  • Documentation on how to bundle Encryptionizer with your software installations
  • Script-based installer that will allow you to silently install and deploy Encryptionizer on machine/li>
  • Samples

When purchasing a Developer Version, you will also purchase Distribution Licenses, which will allow you distribute the Encryptionizer functionality embedded with your software.

Sample XML script used by Script Based Installer:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
Encrypt and secure Microsoft Dynamics SQL Express instance.
Prevent users from using Management Studio to do ad hoc queries
<!-- specify the keys that will be used later in the XML file. Passphrases are encrypted. -->
<key label=1 algorithm=8 length=32 passphrase="0p5EiOjNxLOez7wlWa5CprowuN+8Ysk5a6eteUvsaTivBz13rHtMog==" />
<key label=2 algorithm=8 length=32 passphrase="yOv/9kq5d/16BKyniQcGxX1q1gOwM8bCRUH6UArarJ6tAXRcbe+5MHLA7oJZsw6L" />
<!-- encrypt the Dynamics database. Must also encrypt Master with a differet key than the Dynamics database. -->
<encrypt related=MSSQL$MSPOSINSTANCE>
<file path="%SQLRoot%\Data\mast*.*" keylabel=1 />
<file path="%SQLRoot%\Data\MSPOSSample*.*" keylabel=2 />
<!-- secure the Dynamics instance. Make sure backups are automatically encrypted -->
<secure type=service>
<rules value="+*.mdf#2;+*.ldf#2;&SB#2;" />
<flags value=PCM! />
<!-- specify the keys used to secure the instance -->
<key number=1 keylabel=1 />
<key number=2 keylabel=2 />
<startup uid="startup" pwd="NOPA1uVelucMKscxywDZfDYXgfjEfXvZckCucuGHkdJK1bPVnHO4Zg=="/>

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