Application Developer

You are a developer of an application that:

  • is commercially distributed, or
  • distributed internally within the enterprise

You need to:

  • Protect sensitive data entered into your application
  • Safeguard the business rules, algorithms, schema, and procedures – your intellectual property – incorporated into your application
  • Prevent data tinkering by curious users, network administrators, etc.
  • New: Protect your DLLs (including DotNet DLLs) from reverse engineering.

NetLib Security transparently integrates application-level encryption into existing applications with no modifications to your application. Our goal is to simplify the process for you while ensuring your intellectual property is protected.

Our patented data security platform, Encryptionizer, allows you to develop your application irrespective of encryption while layering Encryptionizer on top of your application without requiring changes to the application itself.

By bundling our patented encryption software into your application, you can provide protection on a very granular level, securing your application with the Encryptionizer engine. This allows your application, and no other, to access your encrypted databases. You can also use Encryptionizer to protect your desktop database application, or your digital content application.

Here is a snapshot of how easy it is to deploy Encryptionizer and protect sensitive stored data and your intellectual property:

Visit our Developer Version page for more information about our product.

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