Database Encryption

Database Encryption is a business imperative. In a world where increasing threats and data breaches are an unfortunate daily news headline, organizations of all sizes are tasked with the challenge of protecting their most important asset: data. Historically, much of the discussion and concern has been on data in transit. However, the data that sits in your database, data at rest, represents the largest threat for theft due to the sheer volume of information organizations typically store in their databases.

NetLib Security’s data security platform offers a powerful arsenal of flexible solutions to meet your needs.

Automatic Transparent Whole Database Encryption (TDE)

Whole database encryption has one simple purpose: make databases, files, backups unusable if they are stolen, copied, downloaded, lost, or accessed outside of the perimeter defense. Encryptionizer secures distributed databases from physical, virtual or cloud environments. When deployed for Microsoft SQL Server, it’s a highly cost effective alternative to MSSQL TDE without having to upgrade to SQL Server Enterprise Edition.

Encryptionizer TDE can also be deployed against any other Windows database management system including MySQL, Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL as examples.  

Column Encryption (Col-E)

Column encryption is specific for MS SQL and can be deployed in combination with (or depending on your requirements, instead of) transparent database encryption. Encryptionizer with Col-E protects specific columns from users/groups who normally need access to the underlying table. Col-E Manager – utilizes a point-and-click interface that allows you to quickly set up column encryption that in most cases can be transparent to existing applications. The Col-E Manager allows you to encrypt a column and specify the groups of users that are allowed to view the encrypted data through the use of database roles.


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