Protecting, managing and defending your data while maintaining compliance for healthcare organizations has become an increasingly difficult task. Data breaches in healthcare have increased operating costs and caused long-term damage to many institutions across the world. Protecting patients personal health information (PHI) and electronic health records (EHR) is a business imperative to maintaining business stability as well as long-term reputation.

At NetLib Security, we understand ensuring the confidentiality and security of your patients data is of utmost importance to the future of your healthcare organization. Our data security platform delivers unprecedented data security while enabling compliance to ensure your business goals are met in a cost effective manner. Data is the cornerstone of every business, your business, and is our top priority.

NetLib Security’s patented data security platform, Encryptionizer, helps protect patient data and medical records. It support the AS provisions of HIPAA Omnibus by encrypting PHI and EHR. Encryptionizer has become an increasingly integral component for companies executing HIPAA Omnibus and HITECH compliance strategies.

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