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Beginners Guide to Encryption (and Encryptionizer)

To Encrypt or Not to Encrypt?

Encryption protects our data. It keeps it secure whether it’s “at-rest” – such as sitting on our computers or devices – or “in-transit” – wherever we are transmitting conversations from point A
to point B over the Internet. Encryption renders the data useless if it inadvertently or maliciously falls into the wrong hands.

Our sensitive personal information and business data has become more critically important. So, to encrypt or not to encrypt is hardly the question. It is no longer a nice-to-have but a must-have
for every business and organization. The real question is how do we protect our data from the bad guys and the dark web with cost effectiveness and simplicity?

In this White Paper we will outline a typical use case where encryption is critical and show how Encryptionizer is used to help them achieve their goals. We will also list what those goals are.

Your Guide to Easy Encryption

Let’s say we are in a hospital and instead of computers, there is a big whiteboard at the nurses’ station with the room numbers, the patient’s names and their medical information. There is also
a person (call him the Operator) standing in front of the whiteboard whose job it is to write down the information that the doctor or nurse gives him.

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