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Need to encrypt your SQL Express data? NetLib Security has a fast, easy answer that won’t break the bank

SQL Express for years has been a cost effective solution for your small database requirements, but now more than ever these databases are coming under scrutiny for not being privacy compliant.  To proactively and transparently secure sensitive data on this platform, and assist with compliance standards, NetLib Security’s data encryption solution for SQL Express protects stored data out of the box through a fast and simple point-and-click interface.  

With remote work currently a reality for many organizations for the foreseeable future, a surge in usage for the smaller, more nimble SQL Express means taking into consideration new data security protections, strategies and compliance requirements.  Cybercrime against all industries has soared, and the home office has become a significant exploit.  Hackers looking to take advantage of the current situation are finding easy ways in, while many organizations scramble to adapt and stay afloat.

Those using or looking to use SQL Express will naturally need to take data security and encryption into account for their applications.  NetLib Security’s powerful flagship platform, Encryptionizer, has a product specifically designed to meet the unique needs for SQL Express users. It is compatible with servers and workstations, and comes with software updates for up to one year from purchase and email support.  All of this for a cost effective price that is easy on the budget.  No programming changes or administrative overhead are required.  Install it, configure it with a few clicks, and your data is encrypted under the hood.

NetLib Security transparently encrypts data on servers, legacy systems, devices and distributed applications. Our unique encryption solutions are a cost effective, easy way to proactively and transparently protect your data. Encryptionizer is our powerful platform that encrypts stored data right out of the box.  It can also secure any desktop or server database on the Windows platform, such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft Access, and others, while directly assisting with compliance requirements.

By choosing NetLib Security’s Encryptionizer for SQL Express, it ensures that you won’t fall behind if your game plan changes.  If SQL Server Express has become part of your organization’s operations, request a free evaluation here