5 Data Encryption Myths Debunked

Post-pandemic, a surge in cyberattacks has forced businesses to confront the issue of cybersecurity, and more specifically, data encryption. To learn more about trends in cybersecurity after Covid-19, check out our article for more insights into threats, responses, and methods of protection.

To take a step in the right direction, we must separate fact from fiction and dispel the myths surrounding encryption. Let’s debunk some of these myths.
Data Encryption Myths

Myth #1: Cybersecurity is only important for large companies.

A common misconception is that only large businesses fall victim to cyber attacks. In reality, small businesses are actually at a higher risk of cyber attacks. According to a recent Accenture Cybercrime study, small businesses account for 43% of cyber attacks annually. Small businesses are likely to have weaker security protocols and fewer resources invested in cybersecurity in turn making them an easier target for attackers.

This ties into another myth: cybersecurity is too expensive and only large companies can afford it. Cybersecurity should be considered an investment and, in the long term, a benefit to companies of all sizes. Cybersecurity can ultimately save you money by helping prevent or minimize the impact of cyberattacks.

Myth #2: Antivirus software alone will protect your business from cyber threats.

Relying solely on antivirus software is insufficient for safeguarding your devices. Although antivirus programs can identify and eliminate malicious software, they cannot provide comprehensive protection against various cyber threats. For example, antivirus software cannot protect against phishing, ransomware, or denial-of-service attacks.

Consider encryption protection for your data files. Even if a hacker manages to get through your perimeter defenses and get access to your systems and precious data, encrypting the data files renders them useless to the cyberthieves.

Myth #3: Cyber attacks only affect businesses in certain industries.

In reality, every industry is susceptible to cyber attacks. No matter which industry you’re in, you are likely to have clients’ or employees’ personal information in your database. This personal information along with credit card numbers are highly desirable data that hackers are on the lookout for.

While some industries are more heavily targeted than others, no business is entirely off-limits for cyber attacks. Therefore, it’s important to be proactive about cybersecurity.

It might be tempting to believe that your data lacks value for hackers, but the truth is that all data holds significance. Whether you operate a small business or a large corporation in whatever industry, your data remains a target for cyber-criminals.

Myth #4: Strong passwords will protect your data.

Strong passwords are a great start but alone they are not enough to protect your data. Over the years, hackers have become more creative with their tactics of gathering and purchasing usernames and passwords in large databases on the dark web. Many count on users being lazy and using the same username and password for multiple platforms. Hackers have also been utilizing more social engineering tactics that trick employees into giving up their information. A strong password is no match for a convincing phishing attack.

To reduce the likelihood of a successful attack, use unique, strong passwords and enable Multi-factor authentication (MFA) any time it is available on a platform. This combination can provide an additional layer of defense which helps reduce the risk of unauthorized access.

Myth #5: Cybersecurity is Only IT’s Responsibility.

Cybersecurity is a collective responsibility. IT plays a vital role in protecting a business by maintaining a secure infrastructure and providing the tools to allow users to protect themselves and their networks. It is the responsibility of all users to be aware of threats and follow best practices.

The World Economic Forum traced 95% of the cyber attacks on small businesses to human error. Training and educating employees about cybersecurity risks and providing clear guidelines for secure behaviors are essential to increase security for your organization. Phishing attacks target everyone, not just the IT department, from low-level employees to executives. Over the years, phishing emails have become increasingly more sophisticated which makes them much harder to detect.

BONUS: MYTH #6: Encryption will kill database performance.

Here’s one final myth, because we couldn’t resist. While encryption alone will not suffice as a cybersecurity strategy, it is a piece of a bigger picture. Some in the IT community assume that data encryption has a negative impact on database performance. That does not have to be true! NetLib Security’s Encryptionizer solution proactively and transparently protects your data, easily integrating in your existing systems with virtually no impact on performance! It has the added benefit of being able to deploy with no programming changes to your existing systems and applications.


Debunking the myths surrounding cybersecurity is crucial for fostering a better understanding of the digital landscape and promoting responsible online behavior. By dispelling misconceptions, we empower individuals to make informed decisions about their digital security.

Cybersecurity is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Staying vigilant, adopting best practices, and staying informed are important to protect ourselves in the changing world of technology. Let’s take action on cybersecurity; debunking these myths is just one step in keeping everyone informed.

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