Key Management: Your Locksmith For Data Security

You’ve taken the first step toward securing your enterprise by encrypting your databases and critical files.

Hopefully you’ve used a state-of-the-art encryption solution such as NetLib Security’s Encryptionizer, which employs highly secure AES algorithms and 256-bit encryption to make your “data at rest” (the information stored in your files, databases, and backups) unreadable to any unauthorized applications or machines. By encrypting your sensitive data, including personally identifiable information (PII), you can ensure your systems are compliant with regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA.

And with a FIPS 140-2 validated solution, such as Encryptionizer, you can be assured that there are no backdoors or hacks that can be exploited in order to steal your data. It’s been locked down with the keys you’ve created; those keys form the basis of a mathematical cipher that cannot be decoded.

But what happens if someone steals your keys?

What is Key Management?

Key Management is your LocksmithYou need to reduce the likelihood that someone can steal your encryption keys. And that’s why it is important for every organization to create a Key Management Policy. Key management refers to the implementation of standards that ensure the security of cryptographic keys in an organization. You should establish policies that define the strength of encryption keys, how often they are changed and what happens to old keys. Key management policies also dictate how keys are stored and backed up, as well as who and what has access to them. That’s where encryption key management software can help.

Encryption Key Management Software

Key management software helps you implement your carefully crafted key management policies. Key management software can generate, distribute, store, rotate, and revoke cryptographic keys in order to help protect sensitive information. Successful key management is critical to your data security.

Think of your encryption software as the locks on your database. Key management software is your locksmith. It lets you easily rekey your locks, and then hands out the new keys only to the entities that are authorized to use that data.

If you’ve got dozens or hundreds of installations in your organization, that can seem like a daunting task. You need key management software that makes the task easy.

Your Solution: NetLib Encryptionizer Key Manager (EKM)

NetLib Security has redefined global data security management with its new cost effective platform: Encryptionizer Key Manager. EKM takes Encryptionizer to the next level, allowing you to easily administer from one central location while providing powerful centralized key management. An innovative, easy-to-deploy security solution to protect, manage, and defend your data while enabling the growing areas of compliance, EKM enables organizations of all sizes to configure and control their encryption needs across the enterprise – no matter where they reside geographically across physical, virtual or cloud environments. The administrator will be able to easily control key management to meet the privacy and other compliance standards.

Key Features of Encryptionizer Key Manager:

  • Easy-to-deploy and configure
  • Centralized encryption keys
  • Centralized management
  • Simpler key rollover
  • Intuitive point-and-click interface

Click here to see our webinar where we discuss encryption and key management with a demonstration of Encryptionizer and EKM.

Key Management and Encryption Work Together

Key management is an important component of data security. Not only should you encrypt your data at rest, but you should also enforce a strong key management policy with key management software. NetLib’s Encryptionizer Key Manager is a solution that works seamlessly with your Encryptionizer software.

No matter how many servers you are managing, EKM can simplify key management, and make your data even more secure.

Beginners Guide to EncryptionNeed to brush up on encryption and how it works, see our Beginner’s Guide to Encryption for Compliance and Data Protection.

About NetLib Security

NetLib Security has spent the past 20+ years developing a powerful, patented solution that starts by setting up a formidable offense which can be managed from anywhere in the world, across every environment where your data resides: physical, virtual and cloud. Our platform is geared to simplify the process for you while ensuring unprecedented levels of security are in place.

You can simplify your data security needs by utilizing Encryptionizer to satisfy your security requirements quickly, and with confidence. These days it’s essential to protect the safety, integrity and confidentiality of sensitive data. NetLib Security’s unique encryption solutions are an easy and cost effective way to proactively and transparently protect your data. We also understand budget considerations are a constant concern, which is why we designed an affordable data security platform to protect, manage and defend while enabling the growing areas of compliance. Protecting your data doesn’t have to break the bank, but not protecting it will.

NetLib Security works closely with government agencies, healthcare organizations, small to large enterprises spanning financial services, credit card processors, distributors, and resellers to deliver a flexible data security solution to meet their ever changing needs. For more information or to request a free evaluation visit us at www.netlibsecurity.com.


Jul 21, 2022
Originally published at: https://www.netlibsecurity.com
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