Gotta catch ’em all — all security risks, that is

I was asked last week if I could do an article on Pokemon Go, the biggest Pokemon-related phenomenon since the original games took the world by storm in the late 1990’s.  It’s been a long time since I donned the trainer hat and went on my journey to catch ‘em all…Pikachu, Charizard…Dagut…Shoe… Takes me back…. Read More

Mr. Robot returns, as unsettlingly relevant as ever

Everyone’s favorite narratively unstable, obliquely framed, psychological hacker drama, Mr. Robot, returned to TV this week with its second season premiere.  Buckle in, because if you weren’t already paranoid enough about cyber security, you’ll never trust another device or email again. As before, any articles written here on Mr. Robot won’t really contain too much… Read More

Brexit Won’t Exempt UK From EU Data Regulations

Britain may be eager to extricate itself from the European Union and forge ahead on its own, but as it happens, a stage left Brexit will not exempt firms in the UK from adherence to the impending data security reform, set to take effect across the continent in two years.  Yes, in 2018, the General… Read More

When Sharing Becomes TMI

Last week was apparently host to Social Media Day.  I had assumed that every day was Social Media Day, but June 30 specifically marks the anniversary of the celebration initiated by Mashable seven years ago.  Recognition of the transformative and communicative power of the tool that has helped define the 21st century so far is worthwhile,… Read More

Digging Up Dirt on the Competition

“In Virginia, recently,” jokes Conan O’Brien in a recent monologue, “a computer crash wiped out a decade’s worth of U.S. military data.  However, this morning the Chinese government called and said, ‘No problem, we backed it up.’” Humor usually has a grain of truth to it; although in cases like these, it’s more like a… Read More

The Weakest Link

It’s often noted that employees, left untrained or unsupervised, can become the weakest link for an organization when it comes to its data security practices.  Few incidents offer such a high profile example of this as last year’s breach at Morgan Stanley, in which a former broker in the firm’s wealth management group, Galen Marsh,… Read More

360 million passwords show dangerous online landscape

This “Peace” hacker is really making a name for him or herself.  A username, that is.  First LinkedIn, now MySpace.  You remember, MySpace?  The social networking equivalent of those cave paintings at Lascaux.  Eight years ago online certainly seems like prehistory, and it was that amount of time that the site last reigned supreme, boasting… Read More

Millennials at high risk for a data breach

Reading the results of a survey conducted by Webroot, it’s pretty remarkable to learn that despite their peerless levels of tech savvy, millennials score lower on security than an older generation like the Baby Boomers.  The data speaks to familiar experience, however, when I think about it.  Multiple times have I seen friends and family… Read More

Fighting the Real Threat in Cybersecurity

Despite ongoing differences, there is one thing both retailers and the financial sector can agree on: Winter is coming.  For cybersecurity, it may even already be here.  The exponential increase of data breaches and the like has put every industry at heightened risk over the last few years, and continues to do so.  Unlike the… Read More

Faith in Organizational Security Lacking

Though I should probably change my LinkedIn password more frequently, I think I’m in the clear this time.  If you haven’t changed yours recently, however, now would be an optimal time, in light of the latest news out of Mountain View.  If you recall, back in 2012 LinkedIn experienced a data breach, in which 6.5… Read More