You know you’ve made it when you get your own month

Happy Cybersecurity Awareness Month!  Yes, October is host to a number of awarenesses, including cybersec (which makes it timely for Ed Snowden to join Twitter), and this year, some, like the folks at Experian and T-Mobile, might find this awareness to be quite relevant to their interests.  A new data breach, announced last week, hit… Read More

Data Security Update – Chip Cards

Today’s the day!  *leaps out of bed* *runs to calendar* *trips and bangs knee* *hobbles to calendar* *circled by hearts and smiley faces, October 1: CHIP DAY* Oh, boy!  It’s finally here.  The day when credit card companies across the U.S. must start rolling out new cards embedded with microchips designed to prevent fraud, meant… Read More

Data Security Update – Android Exploit

Amid a troubled security year for Android (including the Stagefright bug found in April), earlier this month Google released the Android 5.1.1 build LMY48M on September 9, containing a fix for a vulnerability that had been discovered in June by John Gordon, security analyst at the University of Texas’ information security office.  The bug, which… Read More

Mr. Robot – Cybersecurity’s Growing Prevalence

A new hacking drama premiered last week on USA Network to rave reception. “Mr. Robot” is a show about an antisocial cybersec engineer-by-day/hacker-by-night named Elliot who gets approached by a secretive hacker collective that is attempting to bring about a financial revolution by way of wealth redistribution on an unprecedented scale.  After putting the first… Read More

Healthcare hacks – how much is your personal information worth?

Last month, I spoke of the predicted rise in 2015 of data breaches, for health care organizations in particular.  Anthem may have been the biggest name, but it certainly hasn’t been alone.  Even as we watch how that plays out, it’s important to recognize just how much cyber attacks have already cost the industry.  Compared… Read More

And the main worry in wearables is…

The Apple Watch is almost here!  After an extremely confusing and limited online-only launch, with marketing campaigns promoting an April 24 release date when in fact most early buyers won’t get their shipments until possibly June—after all this, but now word out of Cupertino is that company is preparing watch stock for retailers, to allow… Read More

More Companies are Compliant – But are they secure?

If 2014 was considered the “Year of the Data Breaches,” then it seems to be having an effect, slowly but surely.  Headline after headline of some new intrusion, especially of high profile businesses and other organizations, created such an inescapable flurry that everyone must have taken notice, from CEOs all the way down to college… Read More