NetLib Releases Next Generation Data Security Platform at RSA Conference 2016

New Enterprise Manager Delivers Limitless Global Encryption Management for Physical, Virtual and Cloud Environments STAMFORD, CT, February 29, 2016 – RSA Conference – NetLib, a pioneer in data security, today announced the release of Enterprise Manager for their flagship product NetLib Encryptionizer for SQL Server. An innovative security solution, Enterprise Manager enables organizations of all… Read More

That’s Not Dell Calling

There’s some sort of shadiness going on over at Dell.  Several users in recent weeks have reported being contacted by people claiming to be Dell technicians, who say they have found a problem with the customer’s computer and offer to fix it.  Ordinarily, the best response to this is just to hang up the phone. … Read More

U.S. counter ‘intelligence’ on backdoor encryption

Teen hacker is at it again.  If you recall, back in October, the email account of indignant CIA director John Brennan was infiltrated.  The culprit claimed to be a high school student (or several), and, merely posing as a Verizon technician, he was able to gain access to Brennan’s personal information, and take control of… Read More

Data Security 2015 – Year in Review

Not everyone goes for the whole New Year’s Resolution thing, but in lieu of springing for a new gym membership, organizations worldwide might want to consider making a concerted effort in 2016 to improve their IT security practices.  The divide between what affects only data and what affects the physical world has been blurring in… Read More

A short time from now, on a server not so far away…

If you join the Rebel Alliance, you will, at some point, probably be shot at by Stormtroopers.  Now, as is the case with the approximately 19.6 billion threats that Cisco blocks each day, most of these attacks will likely miss, but the ones that hit their target will hurt.  Likewise, if a company collects data… Read More

Washington’s Encryption Debate

Many of the headlines recently have centered on the VTech breach, and the ongoing investigation into the intrusion that revealed information on more than 5 million accounts, including disturbingly personal data on thousands of kids.  So perhaps a little under the radar might slip the new White House request, in response to a petition that… Read More

VTech’s Security Negligence

As it turns out, when I was a little ankle-biter, I had a sort of talking toy phone.  You know, the kind a kid can pretend to make a call on, and have some garbled, digital ‘90s voice answer back.  Not that I had any idea at the time, a couple of decades ago, but… Read More

CISA – a threat to your privacy and liberty?

Has your email ever been hacked?  Probably.  I’ve had a couple of accounts compromised before and used to send out spam to my contact list (which can make it awkward when a relative thinks you’re suddenly saying hi out of the blue, and the relief they must feel when they realize it was a mistake… Read More

Data Security Update – Cyber Insurance

Insurance commercials proliferate the TV landscape these days.  You can’t go five channels without tripping over a gecko, a general, or a JK Simmons.  Sometimes an ad will mention other insurance companies making premiums skyrocket after one accident, and claim that they don’t treat their customers that way. Well, cyber insurance brokers sure have no… Read More

You know you’ve made it when you get your own month

Happy Cybersecurity Awareness Month!  Yes, October is host to a number of awarenesses, including cybersec (which makes it timely for Ed Snowden to join Twitter), and this year, some, like the folks at Experian and T-Mobile, might find this awareness to be quite relevant to their interests.  A new data breach, announced last week, hit… Read More