Data Security Encirclement and Encryption

Some movement on the enforcement front of encryption, as the Eighth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has confirmed the Federal Trade Commission’s authority to enforce data security standards.  After a case involving three separate data breaches at Wyndham hotels, which were facilitated by Wyndham allegedly misrepresenting the security measures it had in place, the court… Read More

Carphones, Ashley Madison and the New Cyber Reality

Not that anyone expected otherwise, but this whole Year of the Data Breach business is turning out to be a global phenomenon, to now turn to the hack of British mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse.  Personally, I don’t like the distraction of prolonged conversation while driving, free hands or not; but in its mission to… Read More

What would you do if your personal information was breached?

What protections do people deserve from data breaches?  And how much should those actually affected by a breach receive?  These are topics that are currently being debated in the legislature, in light of the two OPM hacks that compromised the security clearance records of over 20 million federal employees.  Free credit monitoring is often a… Read More

UCLA and Ashley Madison: This Year of the Data Breach

And people thought we were witnessing a deluge of superhero movies. Even next year, when there will be no fewer than six mask-and-cape epics, from three different studios, won’t be any comparison to the torrent of data breaches that already makes last year’s label as “Year of the Data Breach” seem like a joke. Health… Read More

Backdoors and Other Infrastructure Failures

Gawker says it’s time to panic.  And really, if you look at all the bizarre happenings last week, you might think they were the harbingers of some sort of digital end times, as foretold by the Books of Cameron and Wachowksi.  Computer screw ups at the NYSE, United Airlines, the Wall Street Journal’s site, stranded… Read More

Mr. Robot – Cybersecurity’s Growing Prevalence

A new hacking drama premiered last week on USA Network to rave reception. “Mr. Robot” is a show about an antisocial cybersec engineer-by-day/hacker-by-night named Elliot who gets approached by a secretive hacker collective that is attempting to bring about a financial revolution by way of wealth redistribution on an unprecedented scale.  After putting the first… Read More

Security Failure and the OPM Breach

China is currently in the news again, and not just as it relates to Donald Trump’s apartment sale figures.  The massive hack of the Office of Personnel Management, which exposed files containing sensitive information on millions of federal employees, veterans, retirees, etc., has obviously been highly publicized by this point.  From the standard stuff like… Read More

Easier Crime For Hackers

How many movies and TV shows have there been about bank robberies and other such heists?  Probably  hundreds, I would guess, over the decades.  Plenty even within the last few years.  It’s well-trodden narrative ground.  In light of recent trends and new paradigms, however, any future screen bank robber is going to look pretty silly… Read More

For all our tax dollars, our data should be better protected

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who has had a positive experience with the IRS, or really anything remotely resembling praise for them at all.  Well, let’s see how much lower their opinion can get.  With the agency’s announcement last week that it had suffered a data breach that had compromised the personal tax… Read More

Healthcare hacks – how much is your personal information worth?

Last month, I spoke of the predicted rise in 2015 of data breaches, for health care organizations in particular.  Anthem may have been the biggest name, but it certainly hasn’t been alone.  Even as we watch how that plays out, it’s important to recognize just how much cyber attacks have already cost the industry.  Compared… Read More