Data Risk Analysis: The Yahoo Example

The cost of data breaches directly affects the cost-benefit analysis when companies are planning their budgets.  Studies on the average and median costs of breaches can play a significant role in guiding this analysis.  A study that reports these costs as being generally low, therefore, is likely to be cited as reason to deemphasize the… Read More

Cybersecurity Risks and Incentives

Business leaders across America continue, in largely increasing proportions, to cite cybersecurity as a leading concern to their organization.  In fact, according to the 2016 Travelers Risk Index (an annual survey on the biggest worries for businesses and consumers), 54% of enterprise leaders share this view.  This complements the mere 13% who feel their organization… Read More

Election Interference and What Could Come Next

If I had to guess, I’d say there must be some disgruntled sports fans in Russia right now.  In what I can only assume is retaliation for the whole doping scandal that banned almost the entire Russian team from the Rio Olympics last month, cyber thieves have released information on athletes of other countries, including… Read More

Boldly Going Where Hackers Have Already Been

Captain’s Log.  Stardate 94293.37 Travelling back to the early 21st century to examine the state of Earth’s technological interconnectivity and security has revealed some troubling insights into our forerunners.  These problems have multiplied like tribbles over the last few years, and one in particular stands out.  One Earth year ago, in what would be 2015,… Read More

Parents & Kids Beware: Back To School Brings Big Identity Risks

It’s back to school time!  Yes, it’s an event that kids all over either anticipate or dread to their souls.  I was generally in the latter camp when I was that age—as I suspect many are—though not for any tangible reason, as the experience itself was never horrible for me once it began.  Still, the… Read More

How Not to Maintain Consumer Trust

Ok, so this was pretty big news over the weekend, this WhatsApp “betrayal” of its users’ previously assured privacy by changing its privacy policy to share certain information with Facebook.  When Facebook purchased the company in 2014, both Mark Zuckerberg and WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum insisted on independence between the two platforms.  That would no… Read More

Media Under Siege?

SPOILERS for Mr. Robot Season two of Mr. Robot has so far escalated the first season’s conflict into a looming cyber war between the US and China, in which the latter’s Minister of State Security, Whiterose, through the “Dark Army” at her disposal, intends to take advantage of the chaos unleashed by the ECorp hack… Read More

Hacking an Election

One of the dichotomies in the information security landscape is neatly exhibited in a couple of patchwork systems.  Our hodgepodge national data breach notifications laws show the disadvantages of decentralized standards, on the one hand.  Conversely, it is that same type of fragmentation that provides a substantial benefit when it comes time for us to… Read More

One Malware to Rule Them All

A newly discovered malware strain, dubbed Project Sauron after Tolkien’s villain in The Lord of the Rings, has been secretly infecting and spying on the world’s top computers for five years.  It’s a fitting moniker, as the dark lord of Middle-Earth was always in his own right associated with espionage.  From the beginning he was… Read More

CyberSecurity – fact or fiction?

Our world seems to be rapidly transforming into the vision Masamune Shirow had when he began the story of Ghost in the Shell in 1989.  We’re arriving even faster than the story’s mid-21st century setting—which just so happens to be our near future.  The first of an eventual franchise, the original Japanese manga created a world… Read More