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Data security and privacy are must have in today’s volatile business climate wrought with daily cyber crimes and breaches. Perhaps no group is as widely affected as business service providers. Their need to navigate the wide terrain of business sectors and the ever-changing security laws and compliance issues is only one part of the equation. Layer that with the need to manage shrinking budgets yet increasing data security needs mandated by their clients creates a highly challenging environment.

Protecting your data, your privacy and your business is our primary goal at NetLib Security. Our patented data security platform has been designed to maintain your business stability and that of your clients while providing a simple, scalable, flexible and affordable solution for your data security needs.

We understand accessing data has changed with an increasing use and demand for cloud-based services, which increases convenience but decreases control. Managing internal access to your data is of utmost important as employees represent one of the primary areas for data theft / breaches but the proliferation of cloud computing has made this even more difficult and critical.

NetLib Security’s powerful, cost effective platform delivers unprecedented data security in the instance perimeter defenses are compromised across the enterprise from physical, virtual or cloud. Rest assured, we’ve got your data locked down even when it’s floating overhead.

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