Protect, Manage & Defend Your Data

Protect, Manage & Defend Your Data


NetLib Security provides cost-effective data encryption solutions that can be quickly deployed in
a few steps. Encryptionizer® is our powerful and easy-to-deploy flagship product that protects stored data and databases that belong to data owners for data associated with a distributed application ad data associated with SQL Server.

Developers and data owners use it to encrypt stored data right out of the box, with virtually no impact on performance; it also directly assist compliance requirements. Encryptionizer acts as an additional layer of protection on top of Windows and application security across the enterprise. Utilize our solutions to satisfy a pressing need quickly, and with confidence.
For an overview on how easy it is to use and deploy Encryptionizer please read our whitepaper:
Beginners Guide to Encryption and Encryptionizer or watch our short video here.


Encryptionizer for SQL Server

Securing sensitive data or meeting the new compliance standards (HIPPA Omnibus, PCI, FIPS
140-2) on SQL Server, NetLib’s SQL Server Encryption solution (TDE), Encryptionizer, is an easy-
to-use and deploy, flexible architecture securing data in physical, virtual and cloud
infrastructures. It requires no administrative overhead while increasing ROI through enhanced
protection of customer data and your own IP.

Encryptionizer Platform (NEP) for Servers

Securing sensitive data is the #1 business issue today. Easy-to-use and deploy. NetLib Security‘s
Encryptionizer enables compliance and is a cost effective, flexible solution to meeting your
critical data protection needs.
The NetLib Security Encryptionizer Platform (NEP) is so flexible that it can be utilized to protect
the data contents of any Windows-based Database Management System – such
as Oracle, DB2, PostGre SQL, etc.

Developer/OEM Versions

NetLib Security’s Developer Versions transparently integrates application-level encryption into
your existing or new applications with no modifications to the application itself. Our goal is to
simplify the process for you while ensuring your intellectual property is protected. Your
customers are not even aware that Encryptionizer is embedded. Each of our products have an
equivalent Developer Version available, and allows you full use of their capabilities – silently,

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