Protecting Voter Data and Election Security

You would be hard pressed this week not to find election security stories from news and especially tech outlets.  And for good reason.  I don’t know if there has ever been a U.S. election where the security of the ballot was under greater scrutiny.  For the most part, with the results already in, no more… Read More

Protecting your data when others don’t

While browsing for current cybersecurity stories, I came across this recent article.  Writing for The Hill, 4iQ CEO Monica Pal makes a salient point. For all the news they make and all the trouble they face, companies like Facebook and Google are not ultimately the ones due the most concern.  Google+ has now gone under,… Read More

Facebook isn’t providing identity theft protection for users

Following up on Facebook’s latest data scandal, new updates have been rolling in.  For instance, did you know that only 30 million accounts were breached in total, and not the 50 million as initially reported?  I guess the company found that 40% reduction satisfactory enough to justify their latest action—or inaction, as it were.  I… Read More

What Finally Ended Google+

It’s not often that a security breach will result in a company, especially a massive entity like Google, shutting down a major service.  And yet, that is exactly what’s happening with Google+ in the wake of the company’s latest data scandal. This is not to say this incident was the sole determinant in this decision. … Read More

Who do consumers trust with their data?

Protip: If you’re going to share your login credentials for entertainment accounts like Netflix or Hulu, as many millennials are doing, make sure your password is unique and not also used for other accounts. Though some may have the mistaken notion that a millennial is anyone under the age of forty, it is true that… Read More

Data manipulation and responsibility

It can be hard to definitively assess which industry is most affected by data breaches.  Some research, such as the 2017 Trustwave Global Security Report, points to retailers being the most compromised.  Others, like Citrix ShareFile using data from Ponemon, conclude that it’s the healthcare industry, which we’ve written about here on prior occasions. Whoever… Read More

Are you being outspent by cyber criminals?

“Identity theft is not a joke, Jim!  Millions of families suffer every year!” Dwight Schrute may have been the butt of a comedic scene when shouting that, but he wasn’t wrong about the problem’s severity.  This remains as true today as it did when The Office was on TV. In fact, as reported by CPO… Read More

Is your data encrypted?

I recently saw a figure that both startled me, but also really did not.  Tech Pro Research conducted a survey of IT professionals, to study how their companies were interacting with new Internet of Things (IoT) technology. The number that stuck out to me was: of those respondents who said their businesses did use IoT… Read More

Are data breaches mundane now?

For we who cover the field of data security, its incidents and trends, it is interesting to reflect on how much certain things have changed in just a few years.  I talked about this last time, but the constant inundation of data breach headlines has altered how people conceive of these stories.  What once was… Read More

Are consumers becoming apathetic about data breaches?

Complacency is an immobilizing condition that can creep up on people at any time, whether a situation is improving or trending down over time.  This holds true whether you’re talking about global politics or cybersecurity.  In the latter case, as The Motley Fool’s Daniel Kline points out, consumers do not seem to have met the… Read More