Consumers look to have their say over data breaches

Major corporate entities will often, after failing to adequately protect countless records of personal information, seek to exonerate themselves as much as possible.  While it’s natural to want to avoid penalties, it is nice when their feet are ultimately held to the fire. That’s exactly what US District Judge Lucy Koh did last Friday.  Verizon,… Read More

Equifax’s data breach is the gift that keeps on taking

Every time we think we’re out, they pull us back in.  Just when we’ve seemingly heard the last of the Equifax story, more damning updates come to light.  This time, yet another additional set of people affected by last year’s data breach (2.4 million more) was announced recently, which brings the total number up to… Read More

Monitoring Your Data After a Breach

You might think younger generations would be the least likely to closely monitor their finances, but according to a recent survey from, this isn’t the case.  Checking your credit report and credit score following a data breach is important, and apparently millennials are the most likely generation to do so since the Equifax breach…. Read More

New Frontiers Challenge Data Security

The image of a Tesla Roadster cruising around the backdrop of Planet Earth is one that will surely appear in future history books (or Kindles or Nooks or whatever students will eventually use).  A historic and slightly weird visual, it was a good look for Tesla, to be part of something so unprecedented. Not so… Read More

Rules and Rewards in Cybersecurity

This might be somewhat similar to my previous post, or at least cover some of the same ground, but it’s a crucial topic, and one I believe deserves emphasis.  First, however, let me just say that with the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang are now in full swing, it is once more the time for viewers… Read More

Prioritizing Consumer Security: A Comparison

GDPR is steadily approaching.  It is only a few months now until the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation comes into final effect, and European firms have continued a strong investment in data protection and data loss prevention (DLP).  Both have been among top priorities for organizations; according to a Computer Weekly and TechTarget IT Priorities… Read More

Simple Oversights Expose Military Vulnerabilities

Now this is interesting.  Military personnel overseas, by using fitness apps like FitBit, Jawbone and the like, have unwittingly exposed the location of several American bases around the world. Strava, a company that gathers data from these on these types of fitness gadgets, recently shared an online map (a “global heatmap”) based on 13 trillion… Read More

To be, or not to be for data responsibility

Only a short time after being roped into a controversial political situation in the US, Norway has become the victim of a massive data breach.  In a nation of over 5 million people, 2.9 million have now had their personal and health information stolen by hackers.  The healthcare organization pilfered in this scenario, Health South-East… Read More

Social Credit System – Where Will Your Data Rank You?

Among US media, at least, it has long been the prevailing view that Chinese citizens are, on the whole, less demanding when it comes to their personal data online, or critical of its misuse; that there is a greater generosity and leeway afforded than in Western countries. That perception is currently being put to the… Read More

VTech and Equifax still on the hook for breaches

Back in 2015, the electronic toy manufacturer VTech suffered a particularly shameful data breach that exposed personal information for millions of people, including children.  Customers who registered for the company’s online Learning Lodge platform or its Kids Connect service had their information—190 GB worth of photos, chat logs, audio files and other tidbits—accessed by a… Read More