Security Shortcomings

The use of anonymous virtual private networks (VPNs) doubled between 2015 and 2016, according to a report by Dtex Systems.  Considering how the FCC just recently sold out your privacy rights to Internet Service Providers, and the resulting flood of VPN articles that ensued soon after, I wouldn’t be surprised if that number jumped even… Read More

Responsibility for Your Personal Health Data

Should a healthcare provider or hospital be blamed in the event of a successful data breach?  According to the American Hospital Association, the answer is no.  “Merely because an organization was the victim of a cyber attack does not mean that the organization itself was in any way fault or unprepared,” the organization said in… Read More

How safe are you from your ISP?

For you Apple users, now might be a good time to change the login credentials to your iPhone or iCloud accounts.  Whether it ultimately proves true or not, the evidence so far leans towards the conclusion that the hacking collective known as the Turkish Crime Family was able to collect a number of Apple accounts… Read More

Your Data in the Deep Web

There is a good analogy to be made between the Internet and space, and ultimately how it affects consumer data.  Most of our everyday online experience, the sites and services we use, is merely the tip of a much larger iceberg, known as the surface web.  What lies beneath is the massive body of the… Read More

Why is the healthcare industry lagging behind in cybersecurity?

Although it might seem as of late that government agencies have become the prime target for hackers, both domestic and foreign, we must not lose sight of the healthcare industry. Health care data breaches are growing exponentially, according to a report released by the Government Accountability Office.  While Anthem and Banner Health are two of the most notable… Read More

Consumers, who do you trust?

When it comes to securing their data, consumers’ trust in banks is higher across the board than is their faith in other organizations to do the same.  It’s like an automatic assumption, that because these entities’ primary business is handling money, they’re inherently safer.  This perception might, and could change, however, if they knew the… Read More

Cybersecurity Game Plan

For any kind of team, those constructing the roster must keep several factors in mind: notably, style of play, abilities and character of personnel, and management.  Without a clear, concise vision of how to proceed along these fronts, the team is going to suck, or at least be marred by dysfunction. Often, however, front offices… Read More

Human-Machine Innovation and Cooperation

I have written precisely one article on the subject of Artificial Intelligence—particularly as it pertains to the future of cybersecurity.  Now comes the time to pen another, as the topic continues to steadily gain tread among experts across the industry.  Last week’s CES event heavily featured AI technology, to the point where what was once… Read More

The Future Security of the Internet of Things

One interesting concept I’ve come across recently is something perhaps all of us who cover cybersecurity news and the tech industry are culpable in perpetuating.  Dubbed “security fatigue” by Tom Pendergast, Ph.D., chief strategist of Security, Privacy and Compliance at MediaPro, it predicts there will be people who start to believe that protecting their personal… Read More

Wintertime Data Raids

The holiday season has arrived, which of course means winter is once again upon us.  As each day bites colder, it brings to mind people in other times and place, who have had to deal with truly frigid conditions: such as what the medieval Norsemen encountered when they sailed to Iceland.  A bitter winter is… Read More