Apple Opposes FBI in the Encryption Debate

Donald Trump likes to paint himself as the ultimate Washington outsider.  To be fair, he has a point.  All his blustering and posturing has even his own party hating him.  On certain issues, however, he seems to fit right in with the dominant administrative modus operandi; in this case, encrypted devices.  The big news yesterday… Read More

New Survey Finds the Crippling Cost of a Data Breach: Priceless

The results are in, and word is out, from the US, UK, France, Germany, and a number of other European countries.  1,000 non-IT business managers were surveyed across these nations by NTT Com Security on the subject of cybersecurity, data protection, and organizational preparedness and cost.  The most telling statistic reveals a trend that has… Read More

Securing Customer Data

The United States still lacks any centralized, formal legislation at the federal level regarding the security of the electronic transmission of personal data.  Instead, companies rely on a sectoral approach, combining other means of regulation in addition to government policy, which often differs by state (see the nationwide patchwork that is the set of data… Read More

The National Cybersecurity Protection System is giving Einstein a bad rap

According to Panda Security’s PandaLabs, 2015 saw the highest number of recorded cyber attacks yet, confirming what everyone expects, virtually on a yearly basis.  What, with the 230,000 new malware samples created daily, millions of Trojans and other viruses, is it any wonder that this trend only looks to increase this year? Reports like this,… Read More

Encryption not an issue for NSA

Any time a ranking member of a top intelligence group, like the National Security Agency, seems to be in agreement with the sentiments of privacy advocates, you can bet things aren’t as chummy as all that.  Even if it’s a refreshing break from the usual governmental discourse.  Ordinarily, on the subject of encryption, we get… Read More

Internet Service Providers and Your Privacy

Last year, a heated national debate came to a satisfactory end when the Federal Communications Commission reinstated net neutrality rules without destroying the Internet.  When the rule was overturned the year before, one of the ways the agency could impose it again, according to the court, was to make net neutrality less like common-carrier regulations,… Read More

Retailers put profits ahead of security

When Target experienced its major data breach during the holiday 2013 season, it suffered extensive financial and reputational damage.  Having firsthand experience like this tends to put things in perspective, which makes it unsurprising that, out of 48 major retailers surveyed by Consumer World, Target is one of the only 11 who have ubiquitously enabled… Read More

Passing the Data Security Act

When you have a Senate that in one fell swoop votes both to defund a women’s health clinic, and to allow terrorists of all walks of life to continue to murder American citizens with minimal obstruction, it’s nice to see a politician do something that’s actually in the interests of the people he represents.  Cyber… Read More

Encryption Under Siege?

As so often happens, tragedy leads to the five stages of grief, and it’s a natural element of the ‘anger’ phase to find a scapegoat for all those seething emotions.  Especially now, since those responsible for last week’s Paris attacks, the fecal stains of humanity, have reportedly been given the quick deaths that were far… Read More

Financial Industry Under Stricter Scrutiny

It doesn’t feel so long ago that more and more people were beginning to recognize the unprecedented growth of cybercrime and data breaches, reflected in the increasing number of outlets (present company included) forewarning about the progressive frequency of data breaches.  How stories like Target’s and Michaels’, and even smaller businesses, were becoming the norm. … Read More