A Different Kind of Music Pirate

Pro tip: when the Internet gives you lemons, don’t make #Lemonade, demand for better protection of your data. Music streaming services are more popular today than ever before.  Last year, music streams doubled while digital sales continued to fall.  At the top of heap, Spotify currently remains king with 30 million paying subscribers as of… Read More

Mistakes still plague health care organizations’ security

The underground markets for stolen electronic medical records must be thriving these days.  Medical and healthcare information has been one of the hottest commodities for cyber thieves for the past several years, far surpassing credit card information and Social Security numbers, and its value only looks to keep increasing.  Just last year, a measly bundle… Read More

Changing the Game on Wearables Security

Last night in the NBA, a star named Kobe went out like a supernova, while the Golden State Warriors made history with a record-setting 73 wins in a regular season.  Fans and analysts alike have remarked all season long how this particular team is revolutionizing the way NBA basketball is played, which has led to… Read More

The State of Security: Panama Gate

It’s already being christened by Ed Snowden as the biggest data breach ever in data journalism, the 2.6 terabyte leak of the Panama Papers that exposes the ugly, shadowed underbelly of a globalized corporate finance system.  Already, Icelandic Prime Minister Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson has resigned after being named in the documents.  Debates will rage about whether… Read More

Your Voice, Your Vote for Data Security

Data breaches of private corporations have become exceedingly common these days.  Almost mundane.  However, for all the personal information exposed through these breaches, as well as how flawed security can be for the breached entity, it is now coming to light that a significantly greater risk to people’s data might just be posed by political… Read More

Free Wi-Fi Not Without Cost

The first thing I think of when I hear about plans to introduce a new, public Wi-Fi service that will provide free internet for users in New York City, is Citi Bike.  Every day, thousands of bikers speed through the streets of New York using the public bicycle sharing system that began service in 2013;… Read More

Major Factors in Retail Breaches and Cyber Insecurity

Commonalities underlie many fields of interest.  Whether it be in similar story and character beats in books or films, gameplay mechanics in different video games, or a play drawn up for a basketball team; despite seemingly infinite variations and iterations, if you dig down deep enough, it becomes apparent that there are only so many… Read More

Small Businesses At Even Greater Risk

Larger enterprises dominate the headlines when a data breach strikes.  Target, Experian, Anthem, you name it.  They have no trouble drawing media attention, whether they like it or not.  Unsurprisingly, a business’ size is inversely proportional to the coverage its own breaches receive, which usually go under the radar as far as the average person… Read More

New Commission Will Try to Solve Encryption Debate

I don’t think I’ve ever written on the same subject three times in a row.  When the situation changes on an almost daily basis, however, it becomes hard to ignore.  There is no shortage of updates on the confrontation between Apple and the Justice Department, and this week is the intended time for two Congressmen… Read More

Presidential Candidates Stumble About in Apple Encryption Case

Although “Jeb!” has now reverted to “Jeb” as he withdraws from the presidential race, the narrowing field is still full of candidates who, even if they do have a somewhat decent grasp of the information when it comes to encryption, nevertheless try to straddle the fence instead of acknowledging the realities of the situation.  During his… Read More