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KB #240053: SQL Server or encrypted databases not accessible after configuring Encryptionizer




Some explanations of why SQL Server may not start after installing and configuring Encryptionizer for SQL Server. You may also use these trouble shooting steps if SQL starts but your databases are not accessible.

Additional Information:

If the key is not delivered to SQL Server when a start is attempted, the SQL Server may not start or encrypted databases may not be accessible for a few reasons associated with some of the options chosen when configuring Encryptionizer for SQL Server:

  • When you secure the SQL instance (using the Administration Wizard or BLDCMD), you must make sure to provide key(s) that match those used to encrypt the database files. If Encryptionizer cannot deliver the matching keys, your encrypted databases will not be accessible. If you have encrypted any system databases, such as Master, and have not secured with a matching key, SQL Server will not start because it will not recognize the encrypted Master database (the Master database is a critical database for SQL Server operations) .
  • Master must be encrypted option: If you have chosen this option,Encryptionizer will only deliver the encryption keys with which to open the encrypted databases if it finds the Master has been also encrypted with a matching key. The Master database must be encrypted with a key that matches the key(s)used to secure the SQL Server Instance. This option can be used to thwart the overwriting of the master database where a SQL instance may not be physically secure (distributed system, etc.).
  • Store Encryption Profile in Alternate Location: If you have chosen this option, you need to ensure that your SQL Server has authorized access to the location to which you have stored the Encryption Profile. If SQL Server does not start, there may be an issue with this access. You can find more information in NetLib KB #240040

Below are additional articles which may help diagnose why a SQL instance secured with Encryptionizer is not starting.

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Last modified: 1/29/2016